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Going wild

Going wild

Indu back with his latest comedy, Love, Lies and Wildlife What does one hotel owner do when confronted with a wife, a to-be mistress and an angry uncle (none of them his)? Lie till his face turns blue, of course! Sam Boladeniya’s tangled web of white lies and overblown exaggerations just might get him in [...]

‘Keep it simple, believe in what you say’

‘Keep it simple, believe in what you say’

This year’s All Island Best Speaker Aaqib Reyal shares some winning tips Even the most eloquent of us may falter before an audience of 400. After all, how do you keep not one but all of them entertained? For Aaqib Reyal it’s all about treading the fine line between fact and fiction. This year’s All [...]

Copacabana: Not just another beach

Copacabana: Not just another beach

Three million people flocked to Copacabana Beach in Brazil to listen to Pope Francis on his visit there last month, bringing this world famous spot into fresh focus. Pilgrims and locals set up tents and sleeping bags by the sea on Copacabana beach, to witness the unique service, aimed especially at the youth. Last June [...]

Mirror Magazine

Investing in youth

The youth of Sri Lanka has always been earmarked as a passionate part of the population. They’re daring, they’re motivated and they love the prospect of a good challenge. With international youth day just around the corner, we take a look at a topic that has been gripping the Sri Lankan youngsters – youth entrepreneurship. [...]

ARTRA Magazine celebrates its first year anniversary

ARTRA Magazine  celebrates its first year anniversary

As ARTA Magazine celebrates its first year, the publication in a statement said, It has been a journey of transformation from a platform of artistic expression into an imaginative space. The team foresee the publication as a creative journal where individuals could explore and articulate the nature of Art. “A common ground where a voice [...]

Recycling with flair

Recycling with flair

Shazla Ghaffoor Hussain, founder of Craftshowk, makes beautiful things out of the ‘waste’ you would normally discard without a second thought. The little company which has their own stall at The Good Food Market in Rajagiriya every Thursday creates everything from table décor to jewellery using the most unlikely materials. “Our tagline being, ‘Recycle your [...]

TV Times

The Cinema should be free; Dr. Pathiraja

The Cinema should be free; Dr. Pathiraja

Dr. Dharmasena Pathiraja is a teacher of cinema and a visionary filmmaker who foresaw country’s political, economical and social changes. Right throughout his four decade film career he stood firm and acted independently without falling into any political powers and pressure. Started with ‘Ahas Gauwa’ (One League Of Sky) his first feature film in 1974 [...]

‘Danga Malla’ comes to Borella

Nalaka Swarnathillake’s award winning play ‘Danga Malla saha Amuthu Iskole’ will be staged on Saturday at 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm on August 17 at Namel Malani Punchi Theatre, Borella. The play adored by both children and elders is an adaptation of “The Naughtiest girl in the school’ written by the famous children’s writer Enid [...]

Ballo at New Town hall

“Balloth Ekka Behe” Ravindra Ariyarathne’s popular play will be staged at New Town hall Colombo and Janakala Kendraya Battaramulla on August 16 and 18.  The play will be staged at at 6.45 pm on August 16 at New Town Hall while there will be two shows at 3.30 pm and 6.45 pm at Janaka Kendraya. [...]

‘Issarahata Yanna’; Story between a doctor and a conductor

‘Issarahata Yanna’; Story between a doctor and a conductor

‘’Issarahata Yanna’ a hundred episode tele-serial produced based on a comic story published in ‘Ada’ Sinhala newspaper will be telecast everyday starting from Monday, August 12 on Rupavahini channel. Scripted and directed by Nalin Mapitiya, the teledrama is played by Jagath Chamila, Janak Premalal, Wilmal Premalal, Mahendra Weeraratne, Wimal Kumara de Costa, Gihan Fernando, Jayasekara [...]

Turin comes to Bayleaf

Turin comes to Bayleaf

Guest Chef and Guest Sommelier from Turin  for authentic Italian Food The festival of Italian Cuisine is now on at the Bayleaf, Colombo’s finest Italian restaurant till 18 August. The festival will be featuring Chef Stefano Malvardi from Turin, Italy popularly known for his unique cooking skills with a special menu to be promoted at [...]

Doughnuts with a Shakes Twist at Taj Samudra Colombo

Pebbles at Taj Samudra Colombo offers the perfect occasion to gather family, friends and colleagues alike over an exquisite selection of treats. Indulge in the heavenly treats at Pebbles amongst the rich and smooth shakes spread. This August’s Doughnuts and Shakes features a selection of specially crafted items by the hotel’s talented chefs and is [...]

‘Yum Cha’ at Kingsbury

Indulge in an extravaganza of authentic Dim Sum fare The Kingsbury, the specialists in fine cuisine and luxury living, is bringing the culinary art of “Yum Cha” to Colombo, every weekend. Indulge in “Yum Cha”, a culinary experience that is part and parcel of the traditional Cantonese food culture. Yum Cha or ‘drinking tea’ describes [...]

Get planning your next holiday

Planning your holiday can be an exciting time; with the promise of a far off beach and lazy days away from the stress of urban living that is hard to resist. Most often we fail to plan our holiday and suffer disappointment with the chosen destination. Giving proper consideration to what you want out of [...]

‘Kiyadenna Mata’ Rukshan Karunanayake’s maiden song

Young musician Rukshan Karunanayake of ‘Chimes of The 70’s’ fame has released his debut song ‘Kiyadenna Mata’ last week. Rukshan Karunanayake is a very talented musician of new generation and he has exhibited his skills as a guitarist, lyricist, melody maker, music Director and an audio engineer during the past years with acceptance.  He started [...]

Jayasri turns to ‘Love’ on world stage

Popular band Jayasri, based in Vienna, has performed in various Summer Festivals during June and July across Europe, including prestigious ‘Vienna Jazzfest’ in mid July. The Jayasri duo was in Colombo for Avurudu in April and they were seen in action at a number of outdoor concerts in and around Colombo. Rohitha and Roshan were seen [...]

Geethas Recording opens

Experienced recording artiste Hemalal Geethadewa recently opened a state-of-the art recording studio in Homagama recently. For over three decades in the art of audio recording Hemalal has worked with artistes from various generations. A student from Belwood Music Academy, Hemalal later became an advisor there and he possessed a thorough knowledge on music. The pioneer [...]

Esala Perehera with Ebert Silva Holidays

Ebert Silva Holidays luxury packages for both foreign and Sri Lankans to view the mesmerising Kandy Esela Perehera have been received with much enthusiasm and eagerness. The most spectacular colourful pageant in Asia will start with the Kumbal Perehera on the 11th of this month. The breathtaking and more elaborate Randoli Pageants will commence on [...]

Diageo Bar Academy – new training ground

Diageo Bar Academy – new training ground

Diageo Bar Academy is the latest training school for Sri Lankan bartenders in the hospitality industry. The Academy is one of the largest bartending training programmes in Asia Pacific (APAC), having trained over 10,000 bartenders regionally in the last 2 years. In launching the Bar Academy programme in Sri Lanka, DIAGEO and its partners will [...]

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