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Taking rugby to a higher pedestal


The Carlton Rugby Sevens has brought in a fresh dimension to local rugby with its international rugby stars, foreign celebrities and pulsating action. This week the Sunday Times set out to discover how the public felt about this new and unique event.

Anything that helps the players in any way is good for rugby in my view. Getting recognized as a player and getting into the national team was not easy for me. So I think something like this will make things easier for emerging players and is very helpful for all players and Sri Lankan rugby. Right now I’m not playing in the Carlton Sevens but if I got the opportunity to do so I would love to. - Priyadarshana Bodhi (National Rugby player)

It is a competition which will be very beneficial to the players. First of all they will have exposure to world-class players, guys from countries like New Zealand and Fiji. Then there are the financial benefits. These guys get to earn some real money, which they take several years to earn. - Dilroy Fernando (Rugby referee)

It is good for rugby and for it to gain a stronger position but there are other specific things which all this money can be used for. For example, they can help empower marginalized people and athletes from out of Colombo. - Dulanjalee Iluksooriya (Student)

I think the Carlton Sevens will really help the standard of rugby and the players. It is already taking our rugby to the next level. - Rajeew Perera (National Player)

The Carlton Sevens will only help rugby. It is a competition which will promote the sport to everybody because even those who are not big fans of rugby will come to watch because it is such a well-known event with top stars. Even I’m hoping to go for a few matches. - Samaridu Witharna (Student)

Such an event guarantees 100% entertainment for the crowd, especially with foreign players in action. It will also raise the level of the game locally by ensuring that our players play hard and strong rugby. The game has changed so our players have to change too. - Ana Saranapala (Rugby coach)

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