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The choice of leaders; not people

An Opposition MP defected to the Government ranks on Wednesday in what was purportedly ‘news’ only because the widely expected ‘jump’ was strenuously denied all along by the young lawmaker. He said he was quitting his seat in Parliament to contest the forthcoming provincial elections on behalf of the ruling…



Mathew and me

Mathew and me

It was a scandal that rocked posh Cinnamon Gardens and shook the very foundations of the staid Anglican Church in Colombo. Behind the serene façade of St. Paul’s…

Knocked into a tailspin

It was a normal day on Sydney’s picturesque Bondi Beach. Bishan Rajapakse, a Sri Lankan born medical doctor was with his friends enjoying the waves and the sun…

Pada Yatra: Love,  devotion and humility

Pada Yatra: Love, devotion and humility

It is an hour before dawn and I find myself passing through paddy fields of eastern Sri Lanka as if on a boat drifting through the night. Shouts…

‘Every drop matters’

‘Every drop matters’

From the skies, Trincomalee is a sight for sore eyes – lush greenery alongside brown fields. Yet on the ground the reality is different. For those who live…

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Funday Times



This article is part of a continuing series on the ‘Mahavamsa,’ the recorded chronicle of Sri…

Talented Member

Kids’ world

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Dozens killed as clashes erupt at Morsi rally in Cairo

Dozens killed as clashes erupt at Morsi rally in Cairo

CAIRO, July 27 (AFP) -Dozens of Mohamed Morsi’s supporters were shot dead in the Egyptian capital…

US kidnapper pleads guilty, accepts will die in jail

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