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A global business phenomenon

A global business phenomenon

While many of us maybe new to the term ‘Start-Up companies’ there are some of us who have dived into the deep-end of this novel entrepreneurship scheme – reaping its benefits on a first-hand basis. A start-up company is essentially a small-scaled venture (generally tech-oriented) that is designed for high growth, has a low bootstrapping [...]

Sixth MUN sessions get underway

The sixth session of Sri Lanka Model United Nations will take place from August 5 -7 at the Water’s Edge. The simulated UN conference will see over a 1000 young change makers from Sri Lanka and a host of other countries in the region come together for three days of intense debate and discussion under [...]

Being genuine

Have you ever wondered if you are helping others just for the sake of helping or to be praised by others? Or perhaps it is because we have heard the myth “we gain only if we give”? I am sure most people will disagree with what I just mentioned but that’s what most of us [...]

Jammin with ‘Crossroads’

If you are a budding musician or an up and coming band and are dreaming of being on stage, this is the opportunity that you were waiting for. The Excel World along with ‘The Keg’ are offering you the chance to have your music heard. Singers and groups are being offered the chance to play [...]

The pros and cons of being Cyril

It was a lion cub named Simba who convinced Pasan Ranaweera to get serious about acting. Still quite young when the Workshop Players staged the Lion King in 2007, Pasan remembers being super impressed when people bought tickets to come and watch someone his age perform. “That’s when I knew I could do that; that [...]

Shakespeare with a twist

Shakespeare with a twist

Merging four famous plays together, the Gateway College drama troupe’s ‘Midnight Saga’ is aimed at ‘modern audiences’ We’ve all heard of different adaptations of Shakespearean dramas; the ones that stick to the original script without a hint of change, the radically different ones and the slapstick comedic ones. But ‘Midnight Saga’, performed by the drama [...]

The importance of challenging yourself

The importance of challenging yourself

Over eight million young people around the world have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme. Why haven’t you? The international award was founded by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, together with German educationalist Kurt Hahn. Concerned that young people’s development was lacking in key areas they created a programme that would eventually become [...]

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