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Where music matters…

Where music matters…

The latest instalment of the Musicmatters Festival will kick off on  July 13 When 700 people turned up at the first Musicmatters Festival, organisers were in equal parts surprised and pleased.  “With no real established audience base, staging it felt like a massive challenge and a financial risk,” says Sumudi Suraweera, a teacher at Musicmatters, [...]

Stop the bullying

Teenage bullying is a burning issue that has not been talked about enough. Perhaps our culture has tried to make us ignore the issue claiming ‘It’s not a big deal’. Yet most adults do not realise how far-reaching and long-lasting the effects of teenage bullying can be. Schools are meant to be a type of [...]

Getting into Zombie novels

Not a fan of zombie novels? Here are three books you might enjoy anyway Day by Day Armageddon | by J.L. Bourne In Day by Day Armageddon we see the downfall of humanity through the diary of a U.S. naval officer. To capture the essence of an intimate journal, the author actually wrote the story by [...]

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