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Overlooking Laos

Overlooking Laos

With natural beauty and an authenticity sometimes missing from its more famous neighbours, Lara Thomas finds unexpected facets to explore Attraction is difficult to pinpoint. You can jot down a list of the characteristics you look for in a person and no sooner fall for someone who doesn’t tick half of your boxes. When it [...]

Delectable flavours

This week on Take 3, we’re sitting down to teishokus at some of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Colombo. What should you expect to see in your set meal? Most will include a bowl of miso, rice and pickled vegetables aside from the main dish but what they all promise are the clean, utterly delectable [...]

Want to be a part of Jesus Christ Superstar?

The Workshop Players has scheduled the first audition for their upcoming production of the rock opera musical Jesus Christ Superstar, written by Tim Rice and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.  This production recounts the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’ in the earthiest, most democratic, most populist language of all -rock and roll. It is a masterpiece of musical theatre with [...]

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