The vision of Oxford College of Business (OCB) is one philosophy: an integrated, a unique business school built on four pillars – geographically based in the hub of Colombo. Diversity is at the heart of OCB. OCB is one of the rare business schools in the country that is in the business of attracting and [...]

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12month AIB MBA at Oxford College of Business rise to 10th place in world rankings


The vision of Oxford College of Business (OCB) is one philosophy: an integrated, a unique business school built on four pillars – geographically based in the hub of Colombo. Diversity is at the heart of OCB. OCB is one of the rare business schools in the country that is in the business of attracting and shaping the best talent and the best faculty from around the country; encouraging their mobility; promoting and enhancing their knowledge. It is vital that OCB attract the right people to their 12month MBA programme, which is one of the main objectives of the Business School. The 12month MBA at OCB in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) has always been among the most geographically diverse MBA programmes in the world. “In order to remain a truly unique MBA programme, we need to continue to grow our presence in each corner of the business world” says Mr. Joel Abraham who is marketing director of AIB. The 12month AIB MBA is taught across 5 continents and has alumni from over 70 different countries.

An MBA with a curriculum designed to face the rapidly changing business world

The 12month AIB MBA at OCB has an exceptional and robust model. It is a proven model, and AIB is constantly faced with the dilemma of not changing it but rather what can be done to add on to it. The 12month AIB MBA sees the need to enhance their graduates with the understanding of the global risks and the opportunities represented by emerging economies. For too long most MBA programmes have focused their case studies on the developed Western economies, and the USA in particular. More recently, some MBA’s have added cases from the BRIC economies, but there is a world of opportunity in emerging markets, which the 12month AIB MBA is unique feature on the 12month AIB MBA. The 12month MBA at OCB tries to move away from a West-centric educational model to a more holistic model. Oxford College of Business is one of the few business schools that have a diverse pool of faculty consisting of industry experts. They are well connected with local business and are at the forefront of business thinking in the regions. The faculty selected are among the leading lights for business research from different industry backgrounds.

An MBA which fosters socially responsible leaders

Developing socially responsible leaders has been one of OCB’s main goals over the past 5 years. “The 12month AIB MBA was the perfect foundation to achieve this objective,” says the course director as OCB “we all need to think about the world in a broader sense than profit and loss. I believe AIB’s purpose is to produce socially responsible leaders and everything we do and teach should be geared towards this. Our entrepreneurship faculty has a good track record for producing social enterprises. As the ‘Facebook generation’ arrives into business schools, social enterprise and social good are becoming a necessity rather than a choice. OCB and the 12month MBA will do much more to ensure the new generation feels inspired by the ethos of social responsibility,” says the MBA course director of OCB.

An MBA which fosters innovative thinking and transforms managers into innovative leaders

AIB strongly believe that innovation thrives in a diverse environment. It could be stated that without a doubt OCB is the most diverse business school in the country and it is the bringing together of such diverse talent, at the student and faculty levels, which drives innovation among the MBA graduates from OCB. Every classroom at OCB is like a min-world trade center, enabling students to gain insight and test their ideas against very bright people from many different business backgrounds. Oxford College of Business is doing this very well and are propelling diversity of thought and driving innovation, not only philosophically, but by building it into the MBA experience at Oxford College of Business. “We encourage intellectual curiosity, because curiosity is also a driver of innovation. Only the best get selected to join the 12month Month MBA at OCB” says the Head of Academic at OCB. “We select the brightest and most curious minds and then push them to pursue their passion.

“We don’t dictate faculty research, we let it thrive. We want to drive excellence by making our faculty feel that what they can achieve at OCB cannot be achieved elsewhere and by driving collaborative work, another pathway to innovation.” The collaborative mindset is also fostered by faculty members transferring their innovative research to students. “We also have our multi-campus model and our partnerships which facilitate innovative thinking and collaboration in a global context. No other business school employs so many great minds, from so many diverse backgrounds, so geographically dispersed. Our faculty members are able to make connections, gain insights and see trends which are simply not available to faculty at other business schools, rooted in one country and culture,” say the Head of Academic at OCB.

AIB MBA ranked #10 in the world

Based on the latest MBA rankings issued by the CEO Magazine (UK), the 12month MBA programme offered by Oxford College of Business (OCB) in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) was ranked #3 in Australia and #10 in the world. A feat never achieved by any other MBA program in Sri Lanka, these rankings justify the quality and the caliber of the graduates OCB has produced since 2007.

An MBA programme with a unique learning experience

While executive development programmes were for optimizing the slope of one’s career, the traditional MBA was used to change the intercept. Today, many people are using the 12month AIB MBA at OCB to change the “intercept” and bring about a career change. This is partly driven by greater career mobility and flexibility required in today’s modern, global economy. The 12month AIB MBA provides the skills and contacts to achieve career flexibility, either in the short term or whenever needed in the future. It is still a route to the boardroom, but it may be a different boardroom, and with the 12month AIB MBA at OCB you can be the head of the boardroom! For more information contact Malindu Ranasinghe – 0714151547 or visit

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