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Free–of-charge and full of wisdom

Volunteer organisation SL2College promises to help students navigate the ‘big business’ world of higher education Going abroad can present quite a challenge for any student, but SL2College is promising to give young Sri Lankans the inside track – and free of cost. The volunteer organisation brings together a global community of Sri Lankan students, faculty [...]


Art and prejudice

ARTRA Magazine Endowment 4 highlights the inclusive Nature of Art This time around the theme of ARTRA Magazine revolves around the non-prejudicial nature of Art. Team ARTRA creatively highlights Art’s inclusive space with its characteristic parameters that have been set forth from the previous edition. Endowment 4 attempts to question whether it is justifiable to [...]


Flying off the edge

Flying  off the edge

Strapped to an oversized fan and a giant parasail Smriti Daniel discovers that para-motoring is a perfect way to start the day When I told friends “I’m going para-motoring,” their first response was always “para-what?” When I explained that I’d be strapping myself to an oversized fan and a giant parasail before attempting to fly, [...]


HEARTBEAT – Charity run for Harshula

A strong plea is going out to all youth to come, join in a charity run to enable vibrant and dynamic 19-year-old Harshula Wimalshantha who is suffering from cancer of the brain to undergo a delicate and serious surgery abroad. This charity initiative titled ‘HEARTBEAT’ is to raise funds for Harshula, an only child and [...]

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