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Get your fight on!

They’re three of a kind, but which is the best? Our column has us traipsing across Colombo in pursuit of our favourite things. We’re talking food and drink, massages and clothes, essential services and places to party: there’s nothing we won’t have an opinion on. We’d like to hear from you: what would you like [...]

He doesn’t just play the piano, he ‘talks’ to it

He doesn’t just play the piano, he ‘talks’ to it

By Smriti Daniel Watching Dinuk Wijeratne play the piano is like watching a man engaged in an intense conversation. He purses his lips and then pulls them back in a grimace; he shakes his head furiously then nods in complete satisfaction. Sometimes he mouths words, sometimes he stands up as if ready to pick a [...]

Lankan girl designs cuppa fit for a queen

Lankan girl designs cuppa fit for a queen

By Malaka Rodrigo Last year was special for the United Kingdom as the country celebrated the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II – her Diamond Jubilee. To commemorate this special occasion the ceramics industry of the UK launched ‘Tea for the Jubilee’, a countrywide competition for young designers asking them to design a teacup fit [...]

Mirror Magazine

Free–of-charge and full of wisdom

Volunteer organisation SL2College promises to help students navigate the ‘big business’ world of higher education Going abroad can present quite a challenge for any student, but SL2College is promising to give young Sri Lankans the inside track – and free of cost. The volunteer organisation brings together a global community of Sri Lankan students, faculty [...]

Art and prejudice

ARTRA Magazine Endowment 4 highlights the inclusive Nature of Art This time around the theme of ARTRA Magazine revolves around the non-prejudicial nature of Art. Team ARTRA creatively highlights Art’s inclusive space with its characteristic parameters that have been set forth from the previous edition. Endowment 4 attempts to question whether it is justifiable to [...]

Flying off the edge

Flying  off the edge

Strapped to an oversized fan and a giant parasail Smriti Daniel discovers that para-motoring is a perfect way to start the day When I told friends “I’m going para-motoring,” their first response was always “para-what?” When I explained that I’d be strapping myself to an oversized fan and a giant parasail before attempting to fly, [...]

HEARTBEAT – Charity run for Harshula

A strong plea is going out to all youth to come, join in a charity run to enable vibrant and dynamic 19-year-old Harshula Wimalshantha who is suffering from cancer of the brain to undergo a delicate and serious surgery abroad. This charity initiative titled ‘HEARTBEAT’ is to raise funds for Harshula, an only child and [...]

TV Times

‘Amaraneeya Gee Pedura’

‘Amaraneeya Gee Pedura’, a musical extravaganza with evergreen hits of yesteryear, organized by the ‘Singers Association of Sri Lanka’ will be held at the NCC Grounds on Saturday, 2 March starting at 7.00pm. ‘Amaraneeya Gee Pedura’ will feature Sanath Nandasiri, Nirosha Virajini, Amal Perera, Samitha Mudunkotuwa, Kasun Kalhara, Priya Suriyasena, Nelu Adhikari, Namal Udugama, Rohana [...]

Thomian Kinnara 12 Festival

By Sanath Weerasuriya ‘Kinnara -12’, annual oriental musical extravaganza organised by the Hewisi Band of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia will come alive for the 12th consecutive year on 2nd of March. This concert has a reputation as a total student endeavor and this is true for this year as well. This year the Hewisi Band [...]

Family Night With The GYPSIES

‘Family Night with the Gypsies’, an evening of fantastic music, dance and simply blissful enjoyment, for the entire family, will come alive at the CR & FC on Sunday 24 February from 7.00pm on wards. Organised by the ‘Expose Event’, ‘Family Night with the Gypsies’, is designed for the whole family. A variety of food [...]

Murder 3 haunts at Liberty Lite

‘Murder 3’, a Bollywood movie on a mysterious life of a hot-shot fashion photographer is now being shown at Liberty Lite, Kollupitiya.  Opening in South Africa, Vikram (Randeep Hooda), a struggling photographer, gets a job prospect and flies to Mumbai with his considerate girlfriend Roshni (Aditi Rao Hyderi), a prosperous architect. Vikram, however, has a [...]

Colombo International Theatre Festival once again

Following the huge success of the first version, the Second Colombo International Theatre Festival is to be held in March and April. Organised by ‘Inter Act Art’ a cultural group which has been active in various cultural and art work for the last 20 years and had introduced the Black Box Theatre, an alternative theatre [...]

“Angara Ganga” flows again

The new production of the 1980s popular play, “Angara Ganga Gala Basi” directed by Ranjith Dharmakeerthi, with its rich music by the late Master Premasiri Kemadasa along with songs of Dr. Ajantha Ranasinghe will have its premiere shows on February 27 and 28 at 6.30 pm and at 3.30 pm and 7.00 pm on March [...]

Book on South Indian influence on early Lankan cinema

A book titled “The Early Sri Lankan Cinema and its Association with the South Indian film Industry” will be launched on February 24 at 5.30 p.m. at the auditorium of the National Film Corporation. A joint publication of the Asian Film Centre and NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema), the book makes an [...]

‘Dracula’ is Back

‘Dracula’, the latest Hollywood movie which was temporarily suspended by the Public Performances Board is now being released after a second review. It is now being screened at Ultra, Majestic Cineplex Colombo. The film was to be released last December but the ‘Censor Board’ suspended its release. Directed by Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento with [...]

‘Nirsathwayo’ exposes private medical mafia

At a time when the private medical industry has come under heavy criticism over its service and treatments, a teledrama is released under the title ‘Nirsathwayo’ highlighting same and how the public and patients are subjected to exploitation at the hands of medical mafia. Directed by ‘Isuru Bhawan’ famed teledrama maker Susiren de Silva, the [...]

Choy’s Water Front Residence Best Negombo lagoon view

Choy’s Water  Front Residence  Best Negombo lagoon view

By Sanath Weerasuriya Popularly known as little Rome, Negombo with Portuguese routes was an important trading point since ancient times, with its large lagoon providing shelter to sea faring vessels and was said to supply the ‘every best of wild cinnamon In the universe’.   After 500 years, Negombo has changed rapidly and is a [...]

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