Some days mean more than others. As we bid goodbye to 2012, the Mirror Magazine looks back on the year that was through the eyes of readers and those whom we’ve featured in our pages. Read on to learn more about their most memorable day of 2012. Saturday, January 21 was the best day of [...]

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The best day of the year


Some days mean more than others. As we bid goodbye to 2012, the Mirror Magazine looks back on the year that was through the eyes of readers and those whom we’ve featured in our pages. Read on to learn more about their most memorable day of 2012.

Saturday, January 21 was the best day of my year so far. This was the day when we manage to showcase the Grand Finale of Volunteer Awards and award the Volunteer of the year award. It was important to me because it was the first time such an event was held and the first time volunteerism had been brought to such a level of recognition and finally because the entire process was a learning curve for me personally!

- Fadhil Bakeer Markar, volunteer

My favourite day in 2012 was also my most challenging. It was October 19, which was the World Premiere of ‘Rag-The Musical’ my most passionate theatrical endeavour – one I had been working on for 15 years! It was an amazing night to see a full house rising to their feet in a standing ovation (something that was repeated on all five nights of the show, in fact). The challenges of writing, composing, choreographing and acting in the show were added to by potential saboteurs and multiple injuries. It was particularly thrilling that the show received international recognition, as well as spread the message of anti-ragging in the region. My most challenging work was the most rewarding, and it has truly been a dream come true.

- Jehan Aloysius, Playwright

The closing night of Evita on October 14 was a memeorable day simply for the incredible high of putting on our best performance after months of rehearsal and watching that audience leap to their feet in appreciation. It was a heady mix of relief and pure exhilaration.

Another was on December 3, when the day was filled with a stream of good news and new opportunities, starting with a change of role at work that I’d been dreaming of for a long time. I was walking on air the whole day.

- Shanuki de Alwis, Actress

This 2012 has been a year where I got a chance to learn so much about life, people, the industry, friends and changers! The most memorable day of my life is October 21. It has been a dream both for me and for my family for years that we move in to a house of our own, and it was my late Mummy’s wish and her only goal; me and my sis made her dream a reality and got a house for ourselves.

I must say it was my sister’s hard work and we named the house after our mom (Jovitha Innasithamby) but it’s sad that she is not here to enjoy it and for us to see that smile on her face! But I believe in heaven, and I am told it’s a good view from there. In life all what we see, hold, connect to, and own it’s all a temporary achievement, only family will hold you till the end… I wish everyone a wonderful 2013, may this year bless you with smiles, joy, peace, love – have a beautiful 2013!

- Danu

When I first stood on stage and gazed at the empty ballroom, which would soon fill up with an audience of over five hundred people, I was literally speechless. I was here to deliver my final performance as a competitor and ironically, I was overwhelmed with stage fright.

This is why June 10 was the best day of the year for me. It wasn’t because of the happiness I felt, seeing my family proudly smiling back at me from the audience as I finished my speech. It wasn’t entirely because I walked off stage with the Bartleet Challenge trophy as the winner of the All Island Best Speaker’s contest. It was because I overcame my fear of public-speaking, echoing the words of my favourite author, J.K Rowling; “Anything is possible, if you’ve got the nerve.”

- Sheshadri Kottearachchi, Public speaker

When I was on Master Chef AllStars, we had a challenge on Tuesday, July 31 where we had to cook with ingredients selected by international chefs: I did a Heston Blumenthal inspired starter: savoury asparagus and sea urchin ice cream with steamed crab, and it was chosen as one of the three top dishes of the day – something I will never forget.

- Kumar Perera, Masterchef Australia Contestant

2012 had plenty of days that were memorable in my life but none more so than November 14. It was the day I wrote and released my Debut single “Run for their Lives” with my new band.

What made it even more important for me was the fact that it was the theme song for a charity (of the same name) organised by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown and helped raise funds for the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama, so it was great to kick off the new band on an inspirational note.

- Anil Balasuriya, The Anil Balasuriya Band

Unarguably the best day of my year was reaching the final destination in my Odyssey Expedition, becoming the first person on earth to travel to all 201 nations in the world (without boarding a plane). It was a journey that spanned across 250,000 km over almost four years and came to an end in South Sudan-the newest nation on Earth-on November 26. (Graham, a wanderlust at heart, came back home to England and is backpacking through Egypt just two weeks later)

 - Graham Hughes, traveller Guinness World Record Holder

This past year has been one of changes, transitions, and favourite days. On May 12, I finished my PhD; on August 6, we moved into our new home in northern New York; on August 22, I began a new job as a creative writing professor. But my most favourite day was October 2 when my collection of stories was released. After so many years of writing, revising, and editing, it was a tremendous feeling to see my book on a bookshelf in the bookstore I used to work at many years ago.

Joanna Luloff – writer

My favourite day was October 1- where I was a participant of one of the most powerful events celebrating the shift of human consciousness towards the golden age. The event was held at the The Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India, which is the largest pyramid in Asia that accommodates over 5000 people. It was a day of celebrating the unlimited Power of a human. This event supports my favourite quote for 2012 by Sir Robert Swan: “If you can do or dream, you can begin it now for boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Imalka de Silva, Polar Explorer

There were several things that were memorable this year. But I guess spending the week of my birthday in South Africa was quite special. I spent three days on a Safari at Kruger National Park, went up to Table Mountain and visited Robben Island, where NelsonMandela was imprisoned. I also went shark cage diving where you’re basically lowered in a metal cage into a shark-populated spot of the ocean. It was quite exhilarating.

- Kithmina Hewage, student

My favourite day of 2012 was the day we surprised my good friend Sanushka (he’s my partner in crime for making Youtube videos – and does the best Sri Lankan uncle impersonation known to mankind). It was around his birthday, and a few friends and I set up an elaborate scheme to make Sanushka watch a (fake) YouTube video that I ‘wanted his opinion on’.

But halfway through the video – everything jams and a message pops up saying “Look Under The Table” – and Sanushka (confused at first) -looks under the table to discover plane tickets for a holiday in USA! Then all his friends and family burst into the room to wish him a happy birthday!

The look on his face (which we captured with a secret webcam) was hilarious – he had his mouth open for about five minutes, and for no reason he was touching the tip of his nose. He later cancelled the booking and re-booked everything with his own itinerary – which was also hilarious.

- Jehan R, You Tuber

My favourite day in 2012 was July 13. When you have a two year old boy who gives you ample ‘how wonderful life is’ moments, it is difficult to come up with one. But one day we were in beautiful Unawatuna with my baby, who had always been hesitant to get into the ocean.

I imagine it was the vastness of it. We went to the strip by the temple where locals and visitors alike enjoy somewhat still water, but with soft rolling waves. We first jumped over the little stream from the lagoon, a foot wide, joining the ocean…he got his feet wet, then he sat on my lap where the waves break for a while, and later he was splashing in the ocean with daddy gleefully….and I thought he will know how to conquer, and I can help sometimes, maybe. I mused into his future…and felt simply happy.

Upeksha Hager, designer

Our favourite day was September 29: Seeing young Afghans go insane to our music when we performed for the first time in Kabul.

- Paranoid, Earthling

My favourite day in 2012 was October 12. I was conducting a few workshops at the Galle Children’s Festival this October. I had the most wonderful chance of helping kids from the local schools to draw and illustrate their own little stories. The amazing stories the kids thought of and the way they drew so freely made me smile.

- Isuri Dayaratne, Artist

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