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No harm in judicious clash!

Parliament (the Legislature) seems to have exercised its right of reply to a recent salvo from the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) that there was an oblique attempt by the President (Executive) to interfere with the independence of the Judiciary. Over the past few weeks, this tussle between the competing pillars…



Hats off to him!

Hats off to him!

The world of high fashion is divided into people who have worn a hat by Stephen Jones and those who have not. In the former camp are the…

Letters to the Editor

Has the Budget-making procedure been changed?  Several letters from concerned readers and scathing editorials have appeared in the media regarding the invitation from the Secretary to the President…


Grandmother had the sweetest voice, the gentlest touch  Kusuma Rajakaruna  Her smile brightened up our home, her eyes sparkled with love. Her graceful stride was regal, and her…

Coir machine that takes on 1000 husks an hour

Coir machine that takes on 1000 husks an hour

From coconut thief traps to coconut husking machines, inventing a range of useful apparatus is almost second nature to Dhammika, whose creative prowess goes back to his childhood.…

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Funday Times

The areas under Portuguese power

The areas under Portuguese power

Although General Azavedo promised to abide by them, he did not much like the conditions agreed…

Welikanda kids affected by drought

Kuala Lumpur

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Sunday Times 2

White House struggles to contain new Libya storm

White House struggles to contain new Libya storm

WASHINGTON, Oct 13 (AFP) – Mitt Romney has accused Vice President Joe Biden of “doubling down…

Can a few cherries a day keep gout away?

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