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A fun nature adventure

A fun nature adventure

Seven lucky winners, six of whom are Funday Times Club members, got the rare opportunity to explore the Sinharaja World Heritage Site, Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe and Mankada Pottery Centre. The main objective of this event was to encourage children to intermingle with flora and fauna, educate them on its importance and teach them [...]

Using Formulae

Using Formulae



Kids’ World

Bishop’s College Walk 2012 Bishop’s College is my school. In May, our principal told us some interesting news. She said that we were going to have a BC Walk in June. Since that day everyone was getting ready for the walk. We were so happy. Everyone had to wear something for their grades. We had [...]

What’s Up, Curiosity?

When a sixth-grader in Lenexa, Kansas christened Curiosity, she picked the perfect name for an extraordinary machine. Curiosity spent eight months packed away inside a spacecraft on the 570 million km journey from Earth to Mars. Then she survived 7 seconds of terror to make the coolest landing ever – being lowered from a ‘sky [...]

The procession conducted by the Portuguese

The Captain-General in Sri Lanka, Don Jerenimo de Azavedo summoned the chieftains of Kotte for a meeting on May 29, 1597. A few individuals were also included, to represent the general public. An official from the palace of the diseased king, a Mudliyar, an Arachchi and another officer named ‘Pattan Katti’ were all called for [...]

Talented Club Members

Malitha Goonawardena, a Grade 3 student of Richmond College, Galle was awarded a Gold Medal for Verse Speaking at the 15th Sri Lanka Festival for Music, Dance and Speech 2012. Erandi Goonawardena, a student of Southlands College, Galle was adjudged as an All Island Finalist for Verse Speaking at the 15th Sri Lanka Festival of [...]

Poem for the Week

My dream I close my eyes and wish and dream, Of what I think I’d choose to be, If I could live another’s life, Or if I’m granted with a wish. I dream of life in a palace, And being a fairy queen, Wearing a diamond necklace, And a crown of golden sheen. I won’t [...]

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