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Provincial Council Election 2012


Jackals and the mafia of crooks

The news that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which regulates the stock market is investigating 17 alleged manipulators is in the public domain now. This was revealed in this newspaper three weeks ago and remains un-contradicted. No doubt, these 17 remain innocent until proven guilty, but the question is why…



On a road less travelled

On a road less travelled

What’s in a name, asked the Bard but for octogenarian Frederick Medis who has pored over books and documents and trod down dusty streets all his life, everything…

Letters to the Editor

Apartment living is the new high for high-rise Colombo residents Colombo’s skyline has changed. Whether it has changed for the better or worse is to been seen. Multi-storey…


Banker, writer, musician, champion of social justice Saybhan Samat� It is with profound sadness that I write this tribute to Saybhan Samat, as I lament his passing away.…

Chest doc’s efficient ventohaler

Having bagged two President’s awards for his inventions and now chosen as one of the shortlisted nominees for the Ray Award, in honour of visionary scientist Dr. Ray…

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Funday Times

A fun nature adventure

A fun nature adventure

Seven lucky winners, six of whom are Funday Times Club members, got the rare opportunity to…

Using Formulae


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Sunday Times 2

Obama courts Florida after poor jobs report

Obama courts Florida after poor jobs report

SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida, Sept 8(AFP) -US President Barack Obama turned his attention to the state of…

Asia-Pacific leaders call for unity at summit

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