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Girls got rhythm

Girls got rhythm

It’s 1 in the morning or is it 2? No one seems to care. Certainly not Indian DJ Kini Rao – she’s keeping everyone up and moving at Pettah Interchange. We’re in the sweltering basement of the historic Gafoor Building in Pettah, dancing to the music of DJs from Berlin, Dhaka, Stuttgart, Delhi, Pondicherry, Bangalore [...]

We need to talk about it

The rape and murder of a pre-adolescent girl by two of her older male relations featured in the headline news a while back. Some of the public responses to this event were alarming. A large part of them were comments along the lines of ‘Where were the parents? They should have been taking care of [...]

A different take on the Dark Knight

If you’ve made the mistake of assuming comic books are only for children, our recommendations this week will change your mind. As Batman fever peaks, these are portrayals that forever transformed the way we would see the Caped Crusader and are likely to have fuelled Nolan’s dark vision of Gotham’s hero. From the comic book [...]

Making it to Harvard

Making it to Harvard

Twins are often synonymous with the catchphrase ‘exactly alike, yet worlds apart’. There is a certain envy one feels on encounter with such a pair, an inkling of having missed out on something great. That feeling couldn’t be stronger when it comes to Ishani and Inesha Premaratne, two young ladies who have known each other [...]

A common passion

Above all else, a love for music coupled with the intention of hanging out, resulted in a close group of friends spending almost every minute of their free time outside of lectures, on the thing they loved the most. What started off as a series of fun meet-ups with the music laid on, soon became [...]

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