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Taking care of our ‘Mother Baby’

Taking care of our ‘Mother Baby’

Mother gets up in the morning, washes and dresses herself, checks her handbag and announces “I’m going to the Convent”. We laugh sympathetically and call her, “Dear Mother Baby” and settle her down. She can’t go anywhere. She has Alzheimer’s Disease, and my sister Charmaine and I are her care givers.Mother is 91 years old. [...]

An eye-opener

An eye-opener

‘Corneal transplant’ was the topic on the itinerary recently at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). So what, MediScene wondered, corneal transplants are nothing new. But in walked SNEC’s Medical Director Prof. Donald Tan who has made corneal transplantation a fine art, taking it to a different level, and the image changed dramatically. Inventing the [...]

Baby plans:Don’t wait too long

For many modern young women the question is not whether to have a child, but when. When their 30th birthday rolls around, pregnancy might be the furthest thing from the mind of someone who is still studying for her doctorate while maternity leave might sound like just another way to take a steep dive off [...]

You don’t have to stay fat

You don’t have to stay fat

The before and after pictures say it all. For Shamindri Bandusena, Gayan Seneratne and Gary de Silva being obese meant daily humiliations and mounting health concerns. For many in the same position, the odds seem insurmountable but these three have proven by example that sustainable and dramatic weight loss is really achievable. “There are so [...]

Larger the polyp, higher the risk of cancer

Dr. Sanjeewa Aryasingha will tell you that it pays to be on your guard against colon cancer. A Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, he knows such a cancer often begins as a small, benign clump of cells known as a polyp in the large intestine or colon. Over time, this unassuming polyp can morph into a [...]

Unscrambling the truth about eggs

Once demonised as bad for the heart, eggs have been repositioned as a health food in recent years as researchers have found that not only are they good for hearts, but can even help you to lose weight. But last week Canadian researchers published findings that could crack eggs’ nutritious reputation. In the study of [...]

Smile, even if you want to scream, it’s good for your heart

Grinning and bearing it gets us through many of life’s tricky situations.But researchers have found smiling really does help reduce stress – and boost the health of the heart.A study from the University of Kansas investigated the potential benefits of smiling by looking at how different types of smiling, and the awareness of smiling, affects [...]

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