Applying for the 12month MBA at Oxford College of Business (OCB) in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) has always been the No.1 choice amongst many senior managers deciding to start on an MBA programme. One of the main reasons for this is because businesses worldwide rate Australia’s MBA programs highly, it also [...]

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12month MBA at Oxford College of Business, career where dreams are made into a reality

Lakshman Dinuka -from Business Development Manager to General Manager

Lakshman Dinuka

Applying for the 12month MBA at Oxford College of Business (OCB) in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) has always been the No.1 choice amongst many senior managers deciding to start on an MBA programme.

One of the main reasons for this is because businesses worldwide rate Australia’s MBA programs highly, it also needs to be mentioned that globally, Australian MBA graduates offer the second highest average salary at US$109,100. This puts the country in second place behind Switzerland, where employers offer MBAs US$10,300 more than Australian graduates. In 2011, Australia was listed as the world’s fourth most popular MBA study destination, with 35% of the 4,527 survey respondents specifying it as their preferred location to take an MBA according to the Economist.

Businesses worldwide have a number ofAustralian business schoolsas their preference for hiring MBAs among which the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is considered to be among one of their top preferences. Over 4,500 businesses worldwide which are actively recruiting MBAs, provided details of which schools they prefer to recruit from. They rated 11 business schools in Australia amongst the top schools in the Asia-Pacific region, Melbourne Business Schoolwas the highest rated business school in Australia.

Other business schools in Australia that have featured prominently in the MBA employer rating include ,Australian Institute of Business (AIB) in Adelaide , Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Monash University Faculty of Business and Economics, andSydney Business School at the University of Wollongong. The existence of the 12month MBA offered by Australian Institute of Business has enabled Sri Lanka’s top corporates the opportunity to obtain a prestigious and highly sought after internal Australian MBA which is internationally and locally fully accredited at a fraction of the cost in just 12 months.

12month MBA at Oxford College of Business and his career
Lakshman Dinuka chose OCB’s 12month MBA to build his confidence in senior management disciplines. He talks to Sunday Times about life in the MBA classroom and what he has achieved even before graduating. It was the chance to interact with and learn from a diverse group of experienced professionals and accomplished professors that attracted Dinkua to OCB’s 12month MBA programme.

Being the Business Development Manager at PC Pharma PLC at the time of joining OCB’s 12month MBA, Dinuka was also looking to foster the development of his management skills that could immediately be applied to his role. “The structure of the programme allowed me to pursue a curriculum in general management that not only supported my short – term goal of expanding my understanding of business theory and practice beyond what I learned at OCB and in the workplace, but also proved invaluable in helping me to immediately and substantively impact my role at PC Pharma,” Dinuka says.

The impact his MBA degree made on his career – his former organization and on himself – was immediate. Six months into the programme, Dinuka received a promotion to the position of marketing manager, and a raise. “My boss at PC Pharma PLC acknowledged the time and effort I had put into balancing my career and reading for an MBA and was impressed with the knowledge and skills that I had gained from the program,” he says.

However, studying for his MBA degree, balancing his career and going back to university were just two of the three balls Dinuka had to juggle; he also had to juggle family life. “It can be a tough balancing act at times but having a good support system really helps,” Dinuka says. “I had so much support from my wife and family which helped me tremendously.”

From Marketing Manager to General Manager
During his role at PC Pharma as marketing manager, Dinuka was responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns not only to increase PC Pharma’s customer base, but also to attract new business opportunities. Furthermore, he was responsible for creating targeted marketing strategies for the company’s bi-monthly solution seminar series.

One month away from completing the final module in his MBA, Dinuka has now been head hunted by P.J Pharma Care Ceylon as the General Manager. “It was thanks to OCB’s 12month MBA offered by AIB I am experiencing all these new offers and opportunities today. The strategies and polices that we learn in the class room is so practical and up to date, it automatically helps us stand out from everyone else in the industry,” says Dinuka. “I have more confidence now leading teams and proposing ideas to senior management for company-wide initiatives. Having a limited amount of experience in areas such as finance and accounting, reading for OCB’s 12month MBA has given me a multi-faceted perspective on projects and initiatives that I will be responsible for at my new role as GM of P. J Pharma Care Ceylon.”

Dinuka describes the 12month MBA at OCB as a kind of refreshment in all its aspects. “The process of learning was very exciting by itself and without a doubt the 12month MBA at OCB had a positive impact on all life aspects. Despite the very high demands of the programme, I would stress a sense of personal fulfillment through the process of acquiring new knowledge in interaction with colleagues from different professional backgrounds. It was a true multicultural training, which prepared me for any business situation and, what is most important, the network of friends for life!”

An MBA with so many advantages
Dinuka also says the social network he created within the MBA programme at OCB has proven to be extremely beneficial. “Especially in these tougher economic times, we all try to support each other in any way that we can and I know this network will continue to last for a very long time,” he says. But those aren’t the only advantages of Dinuka’s MBA experience: “the diverse group of people that you meet and learn from; learning from accomplished business leaders, being able to apply what you learn in the classroom immediately to your job and strengthening your time management skills are the greatest advantages of the 12month MBA offered by OCB in affiliation with AIB,” he says.

“Would I encourage others to pursue the 12month MBA at Oxford College of Business? Yes.” “I would encourage anyone who is wondering about an MBA to pursue their career dream by joining OCB’s 12month MBA,” says Dinuka. “Everyone knows an MBA will return professional and line management skills, but only OCB’s 12month MBA will return top management skills with almost a guaranteed return in terms of career progression.

For Dinuka, the greatest advantage of his MBA degree is the self confidence he’s acquired as aresult of his 12months of study. “Self confidence,” he says, “it is the prime ingredient for achievement. It is truly an invaluable experience that takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but is definitely worth it.” For more information contact the Malindu Ranasinghe – 0714151547 or visit

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