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Action Plan evasive or deceptive

Reactions to the Government’s announcement that it would – finally – act on the recommendations of the LLRC (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission) have been mixed. They range from a US Government statement welcoming the announcement to critics calling it a big bluff laced with dishonesty. There’s no argument, however,…



Taking  big strides in tracking small communities

Taking big strides in tracking small communities

His foray not only into the wilds but also the towns and cities of Sri Lanka in search of vanished trails leading to near-extinct communities has brought him…

‘I just keep going’

When Maxi Priest sits down and crosses his legs, his dreadlocks drape and curl around his body, hanging over one ankle and the edge of his chair. Though…

Letters to the Editors

A night drive with Vivien footnote to Richard Boyle Richard Boyle’s fascinating piece on Vivien Leigh reminded me of my encounter with that beautiful star while she was…


Patriot and illustrious son of Lanka� Lakshman Kadirgamar (7th death anniversary falls today) You left our shores seven long years ago, when we needed your presence for a…

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Funday Times

Shakespeare Alive

Shakespeare Alive

An inter-house Shakespeare Drama Competition was held at Good Shepherd Convent, Colombo 13 for the very…

Kids’ Corner


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Vietnamese airliner hosts mid-air ‘Hawaiian Dance Performance’

Vietnamese airliner hosts mid-air ‘Hawaiian Dance Performance’

A pre-prepared meal and a slightly dated movie is the best most aeroplane passengers can hope…

Japan mulls international court for S. Korea row

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