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Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell smolders on

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell smolders on

NEW YORK, (AFP) She was the prototype blonde bombshell and 50 years after her sudden death, the smoke from Marilyn Monroe’s one-woman sexual revolution has yet to clear. Monroe wasn’t the first Hollywood pin-up. Or even a natural blonde.But between the famous tight red sweater, the Playboy pictures, and that skirt blowing episode over a New [...]

Ban scolds world powers on Syria as fighting rages

ALEPPO, Syria, Aug 4 (AFP) UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned world powers they must overcome their rivalries to put an end to the “proxy war” in Syria, as deadly fighting raged in Damascus and the country’s second city Aleppo. Ban spoke on Friday ahead of a UN General Assembly vote that overwhelmingly condemned the Security [...]

Baroness Scotland paid £7,500 a day to advise Maldives ‘coup leader’

A former Labour Cabinet Minister has agreed a deal to be paid £7,500 a day to advise the leader of an alleged coup in the Maldives accused of torture and repression.Ex-Attorney-General Baroness Scotland was under fire last night after details emerged of her contract with the new government of the Indian Ocean nation. One Conservative [...]

Indian activists led by Hazare to enter politics

NEW DELHI, Aug 4 (AFP) Indian anti-graft activists led by Anna Hazare said Friday they would start a new political movement aimed at winning seats in parliament for candidates committed to fighting corruption in public life. The move ahead of a 2014 general election marks a new chapter in their bid to rid the country [...]

Jobs report keeps Obama in game, spikes Romney’s guns

WASHINGTON (AFP) Surprise job data Friday kept President Barack Obama in the game and deprived Republican Mitt Romney of a narrative change in a White House race that logic and history suggest he should win. The Labor Department revealed that the US economy created 163,000 jobs in July, though the unemployment rate was rounded up [...]

Gore Vidal: Sharpest tongue in the West

A brilliant wit, he was related to – but hated – the Kennedys and thought the U.S. was in terminal decline. No wonder Gore Vidal had so many enemies… Gore Vidal was entitled to claim that he was the wittiest and most elegant writer of his time. And claim it he often did. For modesty [...]

Fifty Shades of Grey outsells Harry Potter

Sorry Harry, it looks like you’re losing your magic.Erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” outsold all seven Harry Potter books on on Wednesday, making author E.L. James the website’s best-selling writer ever. The novel also became the website’s biggest-selling book of all time, eclipsing the sales of the previous record holder, “Harry Potter and [...]

Mars fever: NASA faces moment of truth

Mars fever: NASA faces  moment of truth

It is one of the most daring space missions ever attempted.Early on monday morning the Curiosity rover will, if all goes according to plan, enter the martian atmosphere and begin a series of hugely complex manoeuvres to bring it gently onto the surface. They include a radical floating ‘sky crane’ as part of a descent [...]

Is an Australian billionaire about to launch the real-life Jurassic Park?

It could be the most incredible case of real life imitating Hollywood. A controversial Australian billionaire is believed to be drawing up secret plans for a real life Jurassic Park.Mining magnate Clive Parker, who has already embarked on a project to rebuild the Titanic, is rumoured to announce the plans at a Brisbane press conference tomorrow. [...]

US drone pilots reveal how they target insurgents

US drone pilots reveal how they target insurgents

Colonel D Scott Brenton kills insurgents in Afghanistan from an office 7,000 miles away in suburban Syracuse, New York. Contrary to popular belief, though, the US Air Force officer says piloting a remote-controlled drone gives him a dramatically more intimate connection with his targets than he ever had when he was piloting an F-16 fighter [...]

Clinton turns to Buddhist meditation to relax

Former American president Bill Clinton has taken his exercise regime to spiritual heights – by learning the art of Buddhist meditation to help him relax. The politician, 65, has recently taken up a healthier life-style including becoming vegan after a string of heart problems over the years. And in his latest bid to improve his well-being, [...]

Israel’s heavy-handed abuse of Palestinian children is unacceptable: Kohona

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – After a fact-finding tour of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip – and following hearings in Amman and Cairo – a three-member United Nations committee has lambasted Israel for the harsh treatment of Palestinian children held in custody. The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices (facetiously called the Israeli (mal)practices committee) in the [...]

The battle for Churchill’s bust

NEW YORK – The election of the United States’ next president is surely the most important contest in the democratic world. Yet the issues being contested can seem awfully trivial. Consider, for instance, the question of Winston Churchill’s bust. A bronze sculpture of the British prime minister had been in the Oval Office of the [...]

The Afghanistan of Africa

Northern Mali promises to be the graveyard of scores of innocent people if African countries don’t collectively challenge Western influence in the region.Mali is fast becoming the Afghanistan of Africa.The tragic reality is that Mali – a large but sparsely populated country, with around 15.5 million inhabitants – was until a few months ago paraded [...]

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