PSC unaware of uncle-nephew ties in Acting Public Trustee appointment


The Public Service Commission (PSC) has said it was unaware that Public Trustee Sarath Seneviratne had recommended his nephew Ganesh Dharmawardena as Acting Public Trustee when it granted approval for a three-month contract for the post early this year.
PSC Secretary T.M.L.C. Senaratne said the three-month appointment was made following an ‘urgent’ request made by the Public Trustee.
“We were told that he has been a legal advisor for many years and that he could be entrusted with the work handled by the PT. This recommendation came along with the notice that the PT is leaving the country for medical treatment,” she said.
Ms. Senaratne said the PSC was also unaware that Mr. Dharmawardena’s appointment was made without consulting the serving deputy Public Trustee.
Mr. Dharmwardena was appointed as a deputy public trustee by the Public Service Commission (PSC) on a contract basis with effect from February 01 for three months.
After the appointment was made, the Public Trustee had left the country for medical treatment while his duties were entrusted to his nephew and not the senior deputy Public Trustee. “After his contract ended, the Public Services Commission refused to extend it and his services were terminated on April 30 this year,” she said.
Meanwhile, Deputy Public Trustee D.T.K. Dissanayake had sought clarification from the Public Trustee on the role of Mr. Dharmawardena who still acts as the ‘legal advisor’ of the department and continues to sign documents.

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