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Lorgat to join SLC as consultant from August 1


Haroon Lorgat

Former ICC Chief Executive Officer Haroon Lorgat will begin his short stint as Consultant to Sri Lanka Cricket from August 1.
Lorgat stepped down from his former position last month and soon after had a few rounds of talks with Sri Lanka Cricket officials at their request as how he could be of assistance to the island nation’s progress in the game.

He will be in Sri Lanka with regard to the restructuring programme of cricket, aspects of budgeting and governance. Speaking about the coming position Sri Lanka Cricket’s Treasurer Nuski Mohammed said, “We had a few rounds of talks with Mr. Lorgat and looked at many avenues where he could be of help.

First we must get his expertise as far as possible with regard to the restructuring programme and find ways bringing in modern thinking into the process. Now we have gone for thirty long years since we gained Test status and it is time that we infused some new thinking.”
Mohammed added, “As you know Lorgat is a chartered accountant by profession and we could sit with him and find out ways of how we could harness assistance from the ICC and see if there are any avenues that we have still not tapped”.

The South African born Lorgat played first class cricket in South Africa and also held several senior appointments in South African cricket including Chairman of National Selectors, Board Treasurer and served on the finance and organizing committees for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003.

Lorgat will look into the proposed cricket restructuring programme of Sri Lanka Cricket – a very sensitive subject to many a cricket insiders who are still holding on to the Club Cricket process. During his 3-4 month association with the SLC, Lorgat would be in and out of the country, but, will be in close contact with the Lankan hierarchy about the impending structural changes.

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