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Crossed fingers


As the count down begins for a major sporting event to be held in Britain, some Lankan officials who are hoping to make the trip are still keeping their fingers crossed. The reason for this is that accreditation with the world body is still under the names of former officials and the new list of officials has not been recognized by the controlling body as yet. Whether these officials can make the trip or not will only be known when the final contingent takes off on Tuesday.

Major event targeted
The talk is spreading around like Wild Fire that a group of people involved in illegal betting are currently in the island. They apparently are targeting a major sporting event to be held in Sri Lanka in the near future. It is also speculated that some of the sportsmen involved in the competition are being owned by this group so that they can change the decisions of these games by the nature of their play. Also the saying goes that this group has come from a country very close to Sri Lanka.

Medical tests
Currently a group of officials of a major sport are undergoing medical tests to find out whether they are fit to officiate at games. There are about 60 such officials and each of them has to pocket out Rs. 4,500 each for these tests. This is the first time that a fitness test of this nature is being held. Is it fair, these officials ask? Further they question whether the body in charge of this sport shouldn’t fork out the money for these medical tests?

At the correct time
At a recent bidding for players to a contest to be held here two prominent personalities were working in the background to keep some players back in order to give them to higher bidders. The saying also goes that these two prominent officials were being paid ten percent for each player that they hold back so that the concerned bidders can make their stakes at the correct time.

Back in the fold!
About nine years ago a sports team went to the land of the Rising Sun and the trainer of this team jumped the bandwagon and decided to stay by the Cherry Blossoms. All this, mind you, was done without the knowledge of the officials concerned. Now the trainer concerned is back in the island and has been selected to train the team for the next SAF Games. Normally a man who abandons a team whilst on tour is blacklisted by officials. How come this guy is back in the fold and is all set to train some players as well?

Not done Sir
How come a chief selector of a key sport who has no time to go and watch matches at Pallekelle has the time to go Down Under to watch some games there. All this comes in the wake of a pending junior tour to be undertaken in the near future. This team is struggling to raise cash for the impending tour and instead of taking a chap who has been watching their games; a key selector wants to make the tour. Not done Sir!

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