Work towards a future of a just, and humane society: Dr. Rohan Perera

S. Thomas' Prep. Prize Day

Former Foreign Ministry Legal Advisor Dr. Rohan Perera said that, Sri Lanka stands today, at a crucial stage in its history, at the end of a near three decades of brutal conflict, which has taken a heavy toll of human life, leaving deep scars in the social fabric of the nation.

He was addressing the S. Thomas’ Preparatory school, Kollupitiya, Prize Day held on July 13, as the chief guest.
“In the post-conflict environment, unprecedented opportunities have opened up, to put behind us, years of mutual suspicion, mistrust, intolerance and antagonism, among different communities which make up our society, and to work towards a future that is characterised by a shared vision of an interdependent, just, equitable and humane society”, he said .

Dr. Perera further stated that the Prize Day of a school, serves as a source of encouragement to strive for greater heights of academic achievement.

“All of you prize winners and others, together with your headmaster and teachers, have been a part of a larger process, something that goes beyond winning prizes, a process of character building, which prepares students to step out into the real world as mature personalities. You are all stakeholders in a collective endeavour to achieve this important goal”.

“Ms. Mary Karunaratne, a pioneer, and a much respected teacher from the inception of the school, who shared the vision of W.T. Keble – founder of S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, recalled some of Keble’s teachings in the golden jubilee souvenir of the school. Some of the aims and objectives of a preparatory school had been to; provide learning experiences different from, but just as important as the learning gleaned from books and classroom activities, to develop attitudes and outlooks, rather than instill any special knowledge of facts, to develop true team spirit by participating in group efforts, both in the classroom and on the playground, and to preserve and revere all that is pure and holy, true and beautiful in one’s religion, whatever it may be,” he extolled.

He said that, “Though these words of wisdom, on larger goals of education were expressed in a different era, in a different social context, underlining the value of character building, of abiding by principles and forming of right judgment, all have a continuing and central relevance in the context of contemporary issues confronting Sri Lankan society today.”

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