Vavuniya prison riot victim’s body to be released to parents


The Attorney General (AG) has agreed to release the body of Ganeshan Nimalaruban on July 23 to his parents, subject to certain conditions.
This was agreed upon by a joint motion signed between the petitioner’s Counsel Saliya Pieris and Deputy Solicitor General Shavindra Fernando and supported in the chambers.

Ganeshan was arrested and remanded as an LTTE suspect. The suspect prisoner was supposed to have been involved in the attack on the officers of Vavuniya prison, when the prisoners protested against the transfer of LTTE suspects to the Boossa prison camp. Ganeshan, along with four other prisoners, was severely assaulted by the prison officers and subsequently warded at the Ragama Hospital and later at the Colombo National Hospital

While in hospital, the prisoner suddenly took ill and passed away in custody. The JMO’s report stated that he had succumbed to a severe heart attack.

The AG had agreed to release the body to his parents who claimed it for burial in Vavuniya. The parents were asked to coordinate with the SSP Vavuniya, in the modalities of transporting the body to Vavuniya. The Police will be directed to take appropriate steps, subject to a magisterial order to release the body of the deceased to his parents. The Registrar would be directed to communicate the contents of the Motion to the Mahara magistrate.

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