Salmonella in meat served at wedding

Vavunativu food poisoning

Jayarani K, one of the victims of a severe food poisoning incident in Vavunativu, Batticaloa regrets attending the wedding reception that made her whole family sick after consuming the meat served at the joyous gathering.
Over 400 guests who attended the wedding lunch on Sunday July 15, were rushed to the Vavunativu Hospital. Some of the severe cases were later transferred to Batticaloa Hospital.

Batticaloa Hospital Deputy Director Dr. L. M. Navarathnarajah said all have been discharged now.
“They were initially treated at the Vavunativu Hospital as only a few of them showed severe symptoms. But they were later transfered to Batticaloa as many people started seeking treatment for diarrhoea and severe vomiting,” she said.
Dr. Navarathnarajah said the meat that had been consumed at the reception was found to be the cause for food poisoning as it had the bacteria salmonella.

“This bacterium when present in food causes food poisoning,” Ms Navarathnarajah said.
Batticaloa Public Health Inspector Palanithambi Devaraja said investigations revealed that the vendor who supplied the meat for the wedding had confessed that some of the meat was not fit for consumption as it had not been refrigerated properly.
On July 10, 133 soldiers were admitted to hospital for food poisoning after consuming food served at the Panagoda military camp.

Countrywide awareness  programmes

Ministry of Health, Food Control Unit Assisatant Director Tilakaratne Haputantri said a majority of the food outlets in the country do not follow a strict code regarding cleanliness and safety and that the unit hoped to conduct a series food awareness programmes across the country.
Commenting on recent cases of food poisoning incidents in the country, he said it was mainly due to unhygienic cooking conditions or the consumption of stale food.

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