A disaster waiting to happen

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The pedestrian bridge alongside the Moratuwa, Modara Railway Bridge is death trap.
It is in a very bad state of disrepair.

The RDA and Railway Dept. were informed but still no action:K.P. Niroshana

President of the Association of Disaster Management of Modara, I. V. Jayarathne said
many of the sleepers were either broken or worn out.

He added the route was used by pregnant mothers to reach the Kethumathi Maternity Hospital “and in the event of a tsunami, people are expected to use the bridge to reach safer places”`. There is a strong possibility for a tragic accident occurring if people continue using this bridge, he said.

Ms. N.K. Premalatha who lives in the vicinity said residents use the bridge on a daily basis. “It’s like walking a tight rope” she said. “If people use this bridge at the time of a tsunami, they will die falling into the river…”

Meanwhile Divisional Secretary of Moratuwa, K.P. Niroshana said even though the Road Development Authority and the Department of Railways were informed of the precarious situation regarding the pedestrian bridge, no attempt had been made to renovate it.


A sign board warns pedestrians of the parlous state of the bridge

People using this section of the bridge must place their fate in the hands of the Gods.

Expressways for the elite, while ordinary citizens risk life and limb on rickety bridges such as these



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