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Maharaja Palace: for authentic Moghul cuisine


‘Maharaja Palace’, the latest addition to Colombo’s posh restaurant chain, opened its doors with true Indian royalty, style and glamour offering authentic North Indian cuisine for those with impeccable taste.

Situated on Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo 7, ‘Maharaja Palace’, an authentic Indian Restaurant, provides a truly royal experience.
The brilliant white mansion stood amazingly against the night sky while the colours of the lights created a soothing atmosphere at the opening ceremony last week.

The golden chandeliers with the light reflecting on the pristine white walls created a unique ambience that was enhanced by the conscientiously selected traditional Indian furniture. The murals reflecting Moghul art created the distinct impression of walking into a Maharaja’s Palace. The main dining room downstairs has a capacity for 75 guests, while there are five private dining rooms upstairs. Each private room has its own theme where colours vary from gold, burgundy, orange, green to blue creating an elegant but comfortable space. Four of the private dining rooms can accommodate seven to eight guests while the fifth, which is the largest private dining room can accommodate up to 16 persons. This larger room can also be separated into two compartments according to the requirement. The lounge upstairs provides a space for those who wish to relax while they wait for their tables. While the authentic North Indian cuisine takes prime place, Maharaja Palace also has a bar overlooking a water feature, where various types of beverages are available to the guests.

The show kitchen comes under the experienced direction of Executive Chef M. Abubakar who has been with the renowned Inter -Continental chain for over 20 years. The food prepared at the Maharaja Palace, is prepared by trained Indian chefs thereby ensuring an authentic Indian experience. Nothing is left to be desired with the vast array of delectable North Indian dishes that reflect the Moghul tradition. Prepared using ingredients especially brought down from India, the menu consists of rich, creamy and spicy dishes. Starters were served with drinks while the main buffet consisted of fragrant biryani, succulent chicken tikka masala, mutton, fish, vegetarian dishes, salads appetizers and sweets. This was a gastronomical adventure for the diners. The food at Maharaja Palace is prepared using products from Halal certified suppliers. Furthermore, the food has no MSG added and does not contain any artificial flavouring. During dinner elegantly attired girls presented bangles to the ladies. The beautiful dancers and soothing oriental music heightened the experience, while mehendi artistes created intricate designs thereby contributing to the overall evening.Maharaja Palace is open daily from 11.30a.m. to 2.30p.m. for lunch and 6.30p.m. to 11.30p.m. for dinner.

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