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TOPCIMA (T4) with Channa @ Wisdom


Channa Gunawardana

The test of professional competence in management accounting (TOPCIMA) is unlike any other CIMA exams.  It needs a whole new approach to pass and wisdom business academy is one of the best places to prepare for this challenging test of competency.
What is TOPCIMA?

TOPCIMA is the final competency exam that students have to sit for on completion of the strategic level examination and wisdom business academy as the largest CIMA business school in Sri Lanka offers a dynamic lecturer with years of experience behind him to guide students to achieve the crowning glory of CIMA education.

TOPCIMA is a unique exam which is known to be a qualification in competency and ability of skills and unique in its presentation. Further it is a test on theory and knowledge with and evaluation system and criteria that emphasis on professionalism.
Students sitting their TOPCIMA exam are presented with a case study which is referred to as the pre-seen document (for August and November 2012 Exams, the pre-seen is from House building industry) before the exam which revolves around a specific company and its industry.  At the exam the student is required to submit a report detailing a number of realistic and practical recommendations and submit constructive advice which can be implemented towards the development of the particular company under scrutiny. The report stimulates a real world business scenario where the students have to put their theory and practical knowledge to good use. Examiners assess the student’s performance and competency levels accurately with a particular set of evaluation criteria. Therefore it becomes of high importance that students are aware of the expectations of the examiner under the assessment matrix in order to pass this examination.

Our lecturer
With a proven track record and as the largest CIMA business schools in Sri Lanka that solely thrives on improving the standards of CIMA, Wisdom Business Academy is geared to support the student to make the transition and become Management Accountant with a world recognized qualification, ensuring that his or her future becomes a success with absolute certainty.  Channa Gunawardana, the TOPCIMA lecturer at Wisdom Business Academy is equipped with a wealth of teaching experience and the practical know-how to guide the students to attain success at this crucial examination.

With more than 16 years experience in lecturing, Channa is an associate member of CIMA and ICASL and has conducted numerous revision programmes for TOPCIMA in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka Divisions over the years.
Channa is a part-time lecturer for the MBA programme at PIM, the ex Country manager for Ernst and Young, Maldives and is the current CFO of the Woven Cluster of Hirdaranani Group.

Armed with a first class degree in Accountancy and Financial management from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and an MBA majoring in Finance from the University Of Southern Queensland Australia, he utilizes his experience and knowledge along with a combination of theory and practical aspects t guarantee that the students pass the TOPCIMA exam with ease.

Sri Lanka prize for TOPCIMA (T4)
Akla Gunarathna, a student of Wisdom Business Academy secured the award for 4th highest marks in the world and Sri Lanka prize for TOPCIMA (T4) at the November 2010 examination.

Our Approach
If passing TOPCIMA is your goal and ambition, then Wisdom Business
Academy is the best option as the institute offers a versatile lecturer with hands-on experience from the industry with a solid academic background, who would take the students through and in-death analysis and discussion of case studies and who would offer individual attention for each student. Channa who will spearhead Wisdom will build up the student’s competency to sit the exam by providing a plethora of theoretical and practical guidelines that include eight mock exam papers, a summary of the pre-seen document for easy reference, revision of past examination papers and discussions on the assessment matrix.

Wisdom Business Academy will also offer and online version of TOPCIMA session for all students to pursue the qualification at their own convenience. Channa together with Wisdom Business Academy with his expertise and their abundant resources guide the students in the right path not only to achieve success at TOPCIMA but to go out into the world of business as confident and qualified Management Accountants of repute.

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