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MSU Knowledge Centre (MKC) plays a major role


The emergence of Sri Lanka as a knowledge hub is not only imminent but will augur well with the growth within the South Asian region.
It is within this context that the MSU Knowledge Centre (MKC) at Management & Science University Colombo campus is established. The MKC is responsible at planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring all research & development (R&D) and consultancy activities between MSU and all partner universities in Sri Lanka. The Centre will be housed   at the Center for Research and Postgraduate Programmes in MSU.

MKC will also play an important role at synergizing the development of Research Based Knowledge – Commercialization through the consultancy clusters (RCs) led by the respective Deans / Heads of Research at MSU.The Centre promotes a strong research and consultancy culture among its partner universities with an aim at generating quality research and business development outputs.

The Centre will also provide effective support and services to the research community in Sri Lanka, thus further enhancing the qualities of the postgraduate programmes, research and consultancies.The MKC works closely with the faculties and academics of MSU and its partner universities in Sri Lanka. It also associates itself with the industries and other institutions to promote research, academic and entrepreneurship excellence.

The world of business and management is currently undergoing rapid and professional changes. To adapt effectively and stay competitive, academics, students and senior managers must instil in them the culture of research, publication and strategic thinking skill. The MKC aims to prepare and motivated successful academicians and professionals of Sri Lanka thus enabling them to contribute and ensure Sri Lanka achieves developed nation status.

Academicians and professionals from Sri Lanka will now have the opportunity to savour MKC’s role through MSU Colombo Campus at 371, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3 or call 257 6900/ 257 6644/ 257 6700/ 257 7266 for further enquiries or visit www.msu.edu.lk.

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