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Lucrative Careers in Finance
A Special Seminar for Students and Parents
A recent US News & World Report article on the Best Business Jobs in 2012 linked 6 of the top 20 global business careers to Finance. This is in addition to hundreds of other careers related directly or indirectly to the dynamic and rewarding field of Finance.
The 6 top-ranked Finance-related job areas/occupations are: Financial Advisor, Insurance, Financial Analyst, Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, and Real Estate
Broadly speaking Finance is a branch of economics concerned with resource allocation as well as resource management, acquisition, and investment for governments, organizations, companies, and individuals.

Simply put, finance can be considered as every aspect of dealing with money and the various money markets.
Finance offers a wide range of dynamic and rewarding career and job areas. Some of the main areas include: Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Investment Banking/Merchant Banking, Money Management, Currencies and the Currency Market, Stock Market, Private Equity, Fund Management, Equity Research and Sales, Financial Risk Management, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Project Finance and Debt Syndication, Retail Banking, and International Finance/Banking.

A special seminar on international education and global careers in Finance has been jointly organized by Northwood University (USA) and ANC.
Guest speakers from education and industry will introduce both O/Level ad A/Level students and their parents on how best to prepare for top jobs in Finance. Seminar details are as follow:

Seminar:    It’s All About Money – Lucrative Careers in Finance
Date: Saturday 28 July 2012
Time: 10:30 AM sharp
Venue: Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, Queens Court
This is your opportunity to find out what Finance careers and jobs are all about, how to research your future, and how best to prepare for your future in Finance.
Experienced speakers ensure an interesting and informative session. For more details contact Ms Jani Jayasinghe on 0777 517 517

The Global Economy and increased sophistication of financial products and services have created unprecedented demand for internationally qualified Finance professionals with a global perspective. Opportunities abound locally, regionally, and internationally for graduates with sound financial knowledge at Degree level, superior communication skills, strong analytical and thinking skills (not just exam results!), and an all important global outlook. Projected job growth in this field remains high so students can count on long-term career and job opportunities – and since Finance is a truly global field, these opportunities are worldwide.

Northwood University offers an ideal path for global finance students. A unique combination of practical, real-life experience and academic classroom theory in the holistic American education system ensures graduates that are in high demand. Northwood graduates not only have the required business skills, they also have the necessary communication, analytical, and thinking skills required for success in today’s highly competitive global economy.

And since Northwood is global itself (with 3 American campuses, over 20 extension centers in the US, and International Program Centers in Europe, China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Sri Lanka) it is well prepared to produce global graduates. Since the Northwood programme incorporates local content and not just exams from overseas, students will be well prepared for local and regional jobs as well as international jobs – Northwood graduates understand the Colombo Stock Exchange just as they do financial operations in global centers like New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Dubai.

Students can start their Finance degree at ANC and either finish here or at Northwood in the US. The ANC option makes both paths affordable as a result of lower tuition fees, reduced living expenses, and better chances of scholarships and financial grants. With the Northwood programme students have complete flexibility.

Take this rare opportunity to find out more about interesting and rewarding Finance jobs and careers in Sri Lanka and abroad. Contact Ms Jani Jayasinghe on 0777 517 517 for full details and to make your reservation. Remember Finance, it’s all about money!

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