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Higher Education opportunities at APIIT

Internal British Degrees in Computing, Business and Law

Higher education is a key contributor to success in life. Higher education leads to better careers and higher earnings. Numerous studies have demonstrated again and again that graduates earn several times more than non-graduates and go on to have rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.  Not surprisingly, millions of students all over the world pursue higher studies.  It has been estimated that there are close to 150 million students in higher education in the world.  In Sri Lanka too, a large number of students aspire university education.  Unfortunately, as we all know, the opportunities for higher education in Sri Lanka are limited.

Responding to the increasing demand for higher education in Sri Lanka, APIIT, a leading higher education institution in the country, provides opportunities for higher education in three attractive fields, namely, Computing/ IT, Business/ Management and Law.
APIIT School of Computing offers degree programmes in Computing/ IT. Equal emphasis on theory and practice of computing and emphasis on project work during the final year of the programme is a distinctive feature of the Computing degrees. The ‘hybrid’ degree programme named as Business Information Technology is a unique combination of computing and management disciplines that equips the student to meet the demands of the modern world, where business takes place in an IT environment.

APIIT Business School offers degree programmes in Business Management. While the programmes are designed to cover comprehensively all areas of business, the course content is advantageously integrated with the theory and practice of information technology. This unique blend of Business with IT ensures that APIIT graduates will be able to use the full potential of Information Technology in analysing and solving business problems giving them a cutting edge in their professional career.

APIIT Law School offers an internal British degree in Law.  The internal University degrees are unique and have special characteristics. A unique feature of the Internal LLB (Hons) Law degree is the SKILLS training programme that will take place throughout the first year.  SKILLS training will be conducted mostly through workshops and will impart skills such as legal problem solving, legal writing and research, client interviewing, and critical analysis. Consequently, students will be equipped with not only subject knowledge but also a wide array of skills to become effective practitioners on graduation.

Students have the option of completing the entire degree at APIIT in Sri Lanka or transferring to Staffordshire University in the UK.
Three intakes per year allow students to enter higher education as soon as they complete their O/L and A/L examinations without wasting precious time.  The next intake of students has been scheduled for September 2012.

Students who possess two A/L passes could secure direct entry to degree programmes and, on completion of 3 years of study, receive their internal degrees from Staffordshire University, UK.  Students who will be sitting the A/L examination in August this year will have the privilege of enrolling immediately in the degree programmes pending results.

APIIT also provides a fast-track route to degree programmes for O/L qualified students through a comprehensive pre-university Foundation Programme of 8-month duration.  The APIIT Foundation Programme is designed to prepare students specifically for the Business and Computing/IT degree programmes offered at its City Campus in Colombo. At a time when students are required to acquire qualifications at an increasingly younger age, the APIIT Foundation Programme gives O/L students a head start on higher education.

Students who are weak in English will be provided with pre-university training to improve their language skills.  A modern language centre equipped with computer aided learning materials allows students to sharpen their communication skills throughout the study programme.

The degree programmes offered at APIIT are internal degree programmes and the degree certificates awarded by Staffordshire University are identical to those awarded to internal students studying in the UK.  There is close monitoring of the facilities and the conduct of the programmes by Staffordshire University to assure that the required quality standards are maintained. Further, as a higher education institute offering British degree programmes in Sri Lanka, APIIT – Sri Lanka comes under the purview of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) of the United Kingdom.

Staffordshire University is amongst the leading UK universities which offer their degree programmes in Sri Lanka.
Staffordshire University has been awarded “Excellent” and “Commendable” teaching scores 13 consecutive times by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK.

The University was awarded the Best Teacher Training Award in 2003 and was adjudged as the best new university by computing employees in 2005. Over 5,000 overseas students study for Staffordshire University programmes in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and many other EU countries.  Over 1000 students studying at the APIIT City Campus in Colombo form part of this proud international student community.

APIIT has been able to prove its competence and commitment to quality in higher education over the years.
APIIT has received many accolades both nationally and internationally. For example, APIIT-Sri Lanka is the only private higher educational institute to win a Grant under the ‘Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education’ project funded by the World Bank.  APIIT – Sri Lanka is also certified as conforming to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
APIIT teaching and learning facilities are amongst the best in the country. The highly qualified and dedicated lecturers provide guidance and support to the students to perform to their full potential.  In addition to its full-time lecturers, industry experts are also drawn in to share their experience to keep students abreast of current trends and advancements in the fields of study.

In view of the outstanding resources available for education and the robust student support services, student attainment is high.  Over 80% of APIIT students have obtained first or second class upper degrees in the past.  Study programmes at APIIT are constantly revised and reviewed to meet global standards and trends. Consequently, students find employment immediately after graduation with high profile placements in the industry. Further, feedback from the industry attests that APIIT graduates are effective in employment.
APIIT is not only about higher education. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities too. Student Activity Club at APIIT comprises several committees and clubs for students to partake in numerous recreational activities, to contribute to community development and to improve their leadership and team working skills. Further, social and cultural activities are organized to develop socio-cultural harmony.

With its strong international relations, global standards and single-minded focus on quality in higher education, APIIT has emerged as the higher education institute of choice to achieve one’s dreams and career goals.APIIT is pleased to invite prospective students, including those sitting the A/L examination in August 2012, to visit the City Campus at 388, Union Place, Colombo 02; APIIT City Campus is open on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm and on Saturdays from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm. You may also call (7675100) Senani, Sashini, Sameera or Ishani or visit APIIT web site (www.apiit.edu.lk) for more information.

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