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Bollywood star ‘killed’ by stepfather

The man who claims to have killed the star and her family ensured that her life was nothing less than a thriller

The mystery over Laila Khan appears to be a heady mix of sex, lies and jealousy. Add to them property worth crores of rupees and it has all the ingredients of a Bollywood potboiler.

Actress Laila Khan

A day after the Mumbai Police crime branch claimed to have found six skeletons from the Bollywood starlet’s Igatpuri farmhouse in Nashik district, the police claimed that Laila and five other family members were killed out of jealousy.

Pervaiz Ahmed Tak, the main accused who claims to be the third husband of Laila’s mother Saleena Patel, has reportedly told the police that he killed the family in a fit of rage as he suspected his wife of having a physical relationship with her second husband, Asif Sheikh.

‘Tak felt that the family relied a lot on Sheikh and that he had an influence over them. This often angered Tak. He did not want the family to break ties with him,’ joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy told reporters on Wednesday.
Tak belongs to Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir and he was arrested by the J&K Police recently after an SUV belonging to Laila was recovered from his house.

Giving the sequence of events on the night of February 8, 2011, the police said Tak and Laila’s family organised a dance party and barbecue dinner at the luxurious Igatpuri farmhouse where the starlet’s family was vacationing.
After dinner, while Laila and her siblings went to the ground floor to retire for the night, Tak and Saleena proceeded to the first floor. Later at night, Tak had a heated argument with Saleena after she praised Sheikh.

‘They were about to retire for the night when the fight broke out. Saleena provoked Tak by praising Sheikh,’ a police source said.
According to Tak’s confession to the police, Saleena came rushing down to the ground floor even as she continued arguing with Tak. An enraged Tak hit Saleena on her head with a blunt object resulting in her death.

Laila and her siblings then got into a scuffle with Tak and blows were exchanged, the police said. Tak then called for Shakir Hussain, a Kashmiri who he had appointed as a watchman at the farmhouse a few months ago. Shakir and Tak first attacked Imran as he was the only male member present.

They later killed Laila and her sisters. ‘Tak hit Saleena with a heavy object and she died instantly. Her death was witnessed by the three daughters, including Laila and son Imran. It was then that Tak decided to kill all of them,’ the police said.

Roy said Tak himself sustained injuries during the scuffle and he still carries those injury marks on his hand and his head.

After killing Laila’s family, Tak went to Khoti, about 8 kms from Igatpuri, and contacted a travel agent and hired two drivers to drive him to Jammu. Tak and Shakir first came to the Oshiwara flat in Mumbai and took away some belongings.

‘We do not know what they took away as nothing valuable was found in the flat. Later, in two cars they reached Jammu,’ Roy said. While the police are not ruling out other motives, they believe that the murder was not pre-meditated but happened in the heat of the moment. Late on Tuesday night, Mumbai Police crime branch teams recovered three human skulls in Igatpuri.
They unearthed three more skulls later. Some jewellery was intact in the human remains. He (TAK) agreed to take us to the spot where he had disposed of the bodies.

‘Our teams have been able to recover six human skeletons in a six feet deep pit,’ Roy said. ‘The pit was perhaps meant for an underground septic tank.

Daily Mail, London

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