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Wycherley “Kiddies Activity Day” – 2012


Children will be children at all times! At the end of an Academic Year, the children of the Elementary Section eagerly await a tailor made “Activity Day” to give them absolute “fun time”. This was the feeling in the air when Mums’ and Dads’, Grandpas’ and Grand Mas’ trooped into the Bloomfield Grounds with their little ones on Wednesday 27th June 2012 for the Wycherley Annual Kiddies Activity Day.

Despite the inclement weather trying to peep in and out, the whole area was a riot of colour – in typical hues of Jungle areas, ranging from all shades of browns to greens. The green grass on which the decor was placed, gave an out of this world ambience, tastefully done by the teachers of the Elementary Section.

The children were all dressed in colours depicting the fauna and flora of the Jungle. The babies of the Play Group, Nursery and LKG had items like “Food Safari”, “Dambana Comes to Town”, “Wanniyala Attho”, “Baby Search”, “Fancy Me”, and “Crocodile Rock”. They were clothed to perfection to suit each of their items, where music was played to fit in for the occasion.
The kids of the UKG had items like “Jungle Safari”, “Protect Wild Life” and “Tarzan and Jane”, as a complement to fit into the programme of a Jungle theme which was on their curricula during the Academic Year.

Grade 1 and 2 displayed their skills in items like the “Skipping Race”, “Sack Race”, “Monkey Say, Monkey Do”, “Wild and Free”, “Horse Riding” and “ Taking Dinner Home”. Every student was beaming smiles at the spectators, showing that they were enjoying the occasion.
The Chief Guest was Dr. Upali Mampitiya, who is a Director of Wycherley.

The Chief Guest and the Principal were welcomed by the students of Grade 1 who performed an item called “African Percussion“, using instruments symbolic of the people who live in the African Jungles.

A much awaited spectacle was that of the Kids of the Nursery and LKG, in a “Fancy Dress Parade”. They were all so cute when they walked up enunciating the sounds of the animals or the words of the personality they depicted. There was a wide array of costumes depicting, “Bat Man”, “Cow Boy”, “Astronaut”, “Farmer”, “Fisherman” and even the “President”, apart from Jungle Animals like the Lion, Bear, Elephant, Eagle, Tiger and many more. The kids were not one bit worried about the crowd, as they confidently paraded with pleasure.
The drill display was captioned “Drip! Drip! Drip”.

It was symbolic of water – and the children were garbed in colours which are a fusion of water – ranging from blue to grey, green and sea green. It was an event where the students of Grade 2 said, “Thank you” and “Farewell” to the teachers in the Elementary Section, who have been instrumental in nurturing and moulding the little ones to move forward into the Primary Section. The Principal was full of emotion when he addressed the invitees, staff and students, as he expressed his appreciation of a job well done. Dr. Mampitiya too would have felt a welcome change watching the performances of little children – and would certainly have made him travel down to the days of his young life. Wycherley always has had children in the forefront – and children will always be the ones as priority in the lives of those who work for Wycherley.

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