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Jaafaiy – Maldivian Cultural Festival at IIHS


Maldivian students at IIHS (www.iihsciences.com) recently organized a grand cultural festival followed by a Maldivian traditional dinner. The High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, His Excellency Mr. Hussain Shihab was the chief guest at the event and was accompanied by his wife and Dr. Hussain Niyaaz Deputy High Commissioner –High Commission of Maldives.

The event was held at the IIHS premises and this exhibited the cultural exchange amongst the local and international students at IIHS. Currently several Maldivian students study at IIHS, following the Diploma in General Nursing programme and P.G. Diploma in Hospital Administration. Nafia Didi one of the Maldivian students at IIHS in her welcome speech said that IIHS is a high quality healthcare education provider and has a truly friendly culture where any international student could easily fit in.

The event was enriched by Maldivian traditional dances, Sri Lankan dances, Maldivian songs and many interesting events organized by both Sri Lankan and Maldivian students at IIHS.

Mr. Hussain Shihab High Commissioner –High Commission of Maldives said that this is the 1st ever Maldivian cultural festival he came across, organized by a team of students in a Sri Lankan institute. He was amazed to see the efforts of the students put in to organize this event in such a grand scale.

Deputy High Commissioner Dr. Hussain Niyaaz further said “-It was a great pleasure for us to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the management and students of your esteemed institution.

Thanks are due from our side to you for the kind invitation. The students were excellent in their organization and presentation of both the delicious Maldivian feast and also the dances and music. The Sri Lankan flavor to the items presented provided a perfect icing to the cake. All in all, it was a memorable evening which we all enjoyed thoroughly”.

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