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Imparting discipline and dedication


Tangalle Balika Maha Vidyalaya is a highly-reputed girls’ school in the Hambantota district. It is playing a major role in the educational progress of society. Its students are instilled with the highest discipline, lending them unstinted enthusiasm and shaping their character.
In 1972, when Tangalle Balika Maha Vidyalaya was established, there were classes from Grade 6 to Grade 12. The first principal was Mrs. L. Hewagama. The school was lifted to the status of a National School in 1993.

The Present Principal :Mrs.L.NelkaPrasangani

This glorious advancement was gained through the untiring effort and successful management of the late Principal Mrs. Hilda Amaraweera. During a brief period of 20 years, they were able to attain this golden opportunity for the school, on account of the dedicated service of the past principals and teachers.

Forty years have passed since the founding of Tangalle BMV and yet the college still stands aloft as the premier girls’ institution in the province, and generations of students who have passed through its portals have spread all over the world. Among those past pupils there are Engineers, Medical Practitioners, Dental Surgeons, Veterinary Surgeons, Lawyers, Lecturers and employees of every field in Government and Non Governmental Organizations.

The college, with 95 teachers and over 2600 students, endeavors to maintain the high profile it has earned. To accomplish this mission, it is also very highly assisted by the present principal Mrs. L. Nelka Prasangani.
The arts stream has been in existence since the day of the school’s inception. In 1974, the commerce stream was started at Tangalle B.M.V, and was followed six years later by the science stream. After these steps, so many students gained entrance to universities to study Engineering, Medicine, Law and Management.

Laboratories and home science and agriculture units were the most momentous resources the school received in 1980. The same year they earned a playground facility, which was a great gift to the girls and they were able to win gold medals at the South Asian (SAF) Games in 1991. Almost every year the girls display special skills in all Sri Lankan annual games.

The students of Tangalle B.M.V. also stand out in public examinations through their excellent results. They maintain a first rate academic record in the G.C.E. O/L and G.C.E. A/L examinations, with many of them becoming undergraduates from the Hambantota District annually. In 2010, 89.01% of the students got through the examination and in 2011 it increased to 94.37%. As seven students secured 9 As.
At the G.C.E. A/Ls 50 to 75 students gain entrance into universities annually. In 2011, more than 60 students of Tangalle B.M.V. entered universities while eight students secured 3 As throughout all four streams.

The school’s record in sports and other co-curricular activities is also no less worthy of mention. The girls won second place in the Power Lifting Asian competition and they were the best school of the Hambantota district in 2011. The Prefects emerged second runner-up at the leadership competition organized by the international center for rural leaders’ trainings. Moreover, Tangalle B.M.V came in second at the Senaka Bibile Quiz competition organized by the state Pharmaceutical Corporation in 2010.

They have also shone at Language Day, Dancing, Art and Chess competitions and bring Provincial and National level medals to the school. The cadets bring great honour to the school every year by participating in all the camps and competitions.
Perfect discipline and excellent education are the main objectives of Tangalle Balika Maha Vidyalaya. The dedication and loyalty of the principal and the staff have helped maintain these values and have propelled the school to great heights. During a short span of forty years, the school has brought into being students of distinction who have shone in many diverse disciplines, across all the parts of the world.

College Cadet Corp

The Prefects who won the Second runner-up in the Leadership Competition

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