RTI: A people’s govt. must enact it

It took an Indian Minister to come to Colombo and extol the virtues of a Right to Information (RTI) Law and explain how it has empowered the ordinary citizens of his country. Ironic as it is, this piece of progressive legislation was first introduced in Sri Lanka even before India…



A principal’s effort to retell a great story

A principal’s effort to retell a great story

As an old girl and past principal of Musaeus College, N.K. Pilapitiya is the perfect choice to author a book about the school she loves with all her…

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Medicinal drugs policy would protect us against bullying pharma giants  Your newspaper reported that the British drug giant Glaxo-SmithKline had misled the medical world and consumers by withholding…


Your candle burnt out long before; your legend never will Narges Nalliah As the lonely leaf that flutters in a desolate branch that spring leaves, sadness enters my…

NBTS infuses new blood

NBTS infuses new blood

The Bubble Baby of Sri Lanka, Sanjana Praveen Shivanka, is only one example among numerous men, women and children who have to seek the life-saving procedure of bone-marrow…

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Sunday Times 2

Art therapy for traumatised youth in Kashmir valley

Art therapy for traumatised youth in Kashmir valley

‘There is a reflection of anger, rage and depression in Kashmiri art,’ says Dena Lawrence, an…

Calls for tough UN action after Syria massacre

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Dealing with Dengue

Dealing with Dengue

Dengue does not strike anyone like a bolt from the blue, bringing death instantly. The signs…

Malaria: It’s down, but not yet out

How do you solve a problem like Premature Ejaculation?

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