FUTA launches website, collects signatures as TU action continues


The Federation of University Teacher’s Association (FUTA) will continue with their trade union action as discussions with the Government have not yielded satisfactory results, FUTA President Dr. Nirmal Dewasiri said.A FUTA delegation held discussions with President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga last Tuesday. Dr.Dewasiri said the talks were ‘cordial and held in an encouraging manner.”

FUTA president addressing a news conference. Pic by Indika Handuwala

Another round of discussions is scheduled for July 12 (Thursday).Dr. Dewasiri stressed that the FUTA’s only concern is not an increase in wages but concerned with various other issues such as corruption in the education sector.

“The Z-score issue was just the tip of the iceberg, there are far more serious issues regarding higher education and the education sector as a whole that the Government must look into and take appropriate action” said Dr. Dewasiri said at a press conference on Friday.Academic staffs of all state universities except for Kelaniya and Uva Wellassa have joined the strike.FUTA members who began their trade union action on July 4 launched an official website and began collecting signatures on a petition to win support for their cause.

The website gives details of FUTA’s struggle with the Government as well as provides facilities to sign the petition online. The website can be found at www.futa-sl.org

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