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‘Ape Kema’ by Chef Pubilis with Sri Lanka’s favourite musicians


It was Chef Pubilis’ evening of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and the launch of the new dinner-time experience every Sunday night for Rs. 2475/- at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Over 15 authentic Sri Lankan dishes that surface the synonyms of Sri Lanka in taste, and the sound of the vibrant musician Manoj Peiris makes this Sri Lankan night real traditional.

‘Ape Kema’ with Chef Pubilis exalts culture and the vibe of dazzling Sri Lanka with mouthwatering tastes. ‘Ape Kema’, also experience the first hand vibrant voices of Sanath Nandasiri, T M Jayaratne, and Ishaq Begg.

Chef Pubilis will cook the authentic menu for tonight’s ‘Ape Kema’ with Visharadha Manoj Peiris and his band and a surprise artiste in attendance.

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