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Kelani Cables launches pre-packed antenna wire


Sri Lanka’s top cable manufacturer, Kelani Cables, recently launched a pre-packed antenna wire manufactured to the Japanese standards.
The reason behind the creation of such a product is to address the common causes that hinder the picture clarity and low quality antenna wires in the market.

“The outer wire mesh of an antenna wire is used reduce the disturbance to the signals that carry from antenna to the television unit and the best metal to use is copper and most of the products in the market are not manufactured using copper. Kelani antenna wire is made with pure copper and this help the signals to reach the television with minimum disturbance,” a company media statement said.
The outer layer of the wire is made using UV resistance material, pure copper mesh and flexibility of the wire offers many advantages to customers.

General Manager – Sales Anil Munasinghe said, “There are many obstructions people experience like dots, horizontal lines, noise and lines when vehicles drive near the antenna. In many instances people tend to replace the antenna thinking it’s a fault of the antenna. This could not always be the issue because antenna wire plays a major role in transporting the received signals from the antenna to the television set. If the antenna wire is cheap and low in quality, a certain percentage of the signals drop drastically and this leads to low quality picture. There are many branded and unbranded antenna wires in the market with aluminum wire mesh instead of copper and sometimes are available attached with the antenna.”

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