The Sundaytimes Sri Lanka » Magazine Official website of the Sunday Times Newspaper in Sri Lanka Sat, 30 Jun 2012 19:33:49 +0000 en hourly 1 Heritance Ahungalla Holiday with luxury at its best Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:32:42 +0000 Pubudu One of the earliest creations of veteran Architect late Geoffrey Bawa was Triton in Ahungalla. Water is a main feature of his signature designs.

Triton was his first experiment with water, which was the solid base for his star class creations in later days.
Inter connected stretch of water lead the guests into the hotel and guide their eyes to across the ocean to the horizon. The infinity pool makes feel as if you are in the ocean itself when you get in and your eye level is just above the water.
Triton has transformed in to a five star luxury hotel under the re-branding process few years ago with 154 rooms, Bawa’s theme was not changed.

GM Refhan Razeen

All 128 Deluxe rooms, 15 luxury rooms, five suites and four luxury suites at Heritance Ahungalla face the sea with private balconies. Luxury Rooms have corner locations, so they have much larger balconies and seating areas. The bathroom contains a bathtub with overhead rain shower and weighing scales.

Spacious Luxury Suites have separate living rooms with DVD player and home theatre system – perfect for a family night in or entertaining friends.

Polished wood is a big feature, along with stone floors in the bathrooms and locally woven throws and cushions or handmade batik hangings. Sophisticated monochrome colour schemes highlight the clean, elegant feel – this is stylish seaside living at its finest.Each bathroom is tastefully supplied with custom-made Ahungalla toiletries.

The rooms are fully equipped with energy-efficient air conditioning, TVs with satellite and local channels, a comprehensive minibar and a digital safe. ‘With all these facilities and luxury, our main attraction is the personalized service. That counts a lot with our type of clientele’ Refhan Razeen, the General Manager of the Hotel said very correctly. The cuisine experience too at Heritance Ahungalle is a philosophy based on a threefold foundation of taste, presentation and health.

The hotel has three restaurants that can seat a total of 285 people, as well as several outdoor venues, where food is served on special occasions. Jute Restaurant will give the opportunity to try a wide range of Sri Lankan food, as well as the best of international cuisine, with dozens of choices and regular theme nights. For fine dining in a sophisticated ambience, the hotel offers a global à la carte dinner menu in the Upper Room.

The culinary brigade at Heritance Ahungalla is one of the best in Sri Lanka, having won numerous awards over the years. Most recently, in August 2011, they won awards for the Best Hotel Team and Best Culinary Team at the Culinary Arts Competition organised by the Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka.

The cuisine at Ahungalla is supervised by the world class Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe who has won nine gold medals at the Culinary Olympics and the Culinary World Cup.

A river safari on the Madu Ganga, a visit to Kosgoda Turtle hatchery, Singharaja Forest tour, Galle Heritage tour, Fresh water fishing, visit to local Cinnamon and Coir industry, Koth Duwa Temple are some of the popular excursions for visitors from the hotel.  The hotel also offers an excellent conference location with state-of-the-art facilities.

Heritance Ahungalla is just 76km or less than one hours drive from Colombo via E01 Highway.  For more details and reservation call 0915555000/ 0112308408 or log on to

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Rio+20:Been there, done that, got the protest sign Sat, 23 Jun 2012 10:10:50 +0000 Pubudu The June rain is dampening Rio; it’s dreary strange for this time of year. There are military police cars parked outside the Rio Centro where the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, is taking place. As I enter the conference venue, I see people from all over the world, distributing flyers and painting posters; there is a sense of energy glistening in their eyes, the kind of gleam you don’t see in negotiators along the corridors of the Rio Centro.  Hopes are high and their energy is contagious. It’s time our leaders look these young men and women in the eye and remember who needs the just, safe, secure and equitable future they are in Rio to talk about.

Speaking at the Youth Blast, renowned environmentalist Marina Silva, said, “People ask me whether I’m pessimistic or optimistic. That’s all I hear around Rio+20. But I answer that I am not pessimistic and not optimistic. But I am persistent.” Ours is a generation that has inherited a lot of evil from previous generations; and now, the world as we know it, is under threat. In 1992 the Rio Earth Summit helped put Climate Change on the world agenda.

Today, twenty years later, the world can’t afford to wait any longer to address escalating global environmental challenges that our planet is facing. But at the negotiation front, governments do not want to commit to do what they claim to support in principle.
Twenty years ago, Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s six minute speech to the 1992 Earth Summit ‘silenced the world’ and challenged negotiators to ‘make your actions reflect your words.’ Twenty years on Brittany Trilford, who won the “Make a Date With History” contest will present world leaders with her own call to action at the opening of the Rio+20 high-level segment. “Many of you will be gone before any of the environmental consequences of your actions catch up with you”.

Brittany asks in her video. “But what about my children? And my children’s children?”
In the afternoon, strategically planned during lunch hour when negotiators are out in the corridors of the Rio Centro, over 100 demonstrators, mostly young people, joined in a flash mob calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

It began with a single demonstrator who stood up in the crowd, donning an “End Fossil Fuel Subsidies” shirt and sign, and began to chant, “The future I want? No fossil fuel subsidies!” One by one, over 100 others joined, revealing their own shirts and signs, joining the chant. Later that day, the demonstrators joined tens of thousands of people engaged in a “Twitterstorm” to flood the internet with a call to #endfossilfuelsubsidies, it was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. and number two in the world.

Each evening ‘Rio Fossil Awards’ are presented, these highlight the country, or countries, which do the least to support progress (or the most to block) issues relevant to climate change, such as energy, forests, and the green economy. The United States bagged the first ever Rio Fossil, awarded to them ‘for the overall strength of their commitment… to not having any real commitments’.
Most activists have already lost faith in their leaders tasked with coming up with a binding outcome document that will immediately address the environmental concerns of our time. History will probably not be re-written at Rio+20, it probably won’t be remembered for its negotiations or the potential draft outcome document. However it should be remembered as a coming together of minds. Even though different causes have inspired people to converge at Rio de Janeiro, there is a shared sense of passion, discussion, and interaction between people who might have never spoken before.

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Chef Buddhika marches to the Lyon finals Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:37:16 +0000 Pubudu Sri Lankan Chef Buddhika and his apprentice Rashen John made to Bocus d’Or Global Contest in Lyon next year, after qualifying in the Asia Pacific region Contest held in Chaina recently.

‘This is the first time Sri Lanka participates in this global event and we as Sri Lankans are proud to represent ourselves in this event’ states Anura Dewapura, Promotions Manager, Bocus d’Or Sri Lanka.

Bocuse d’Or Asia, the Asian Final of the Bocuse d’Or global contest, was held in Shanghai from 12th to 14th June, with the intencion of selecting participants for the 15th Bocuse d’Or Global finals in Lyon, France on 29th and 30th January 2013. The Four finalists from Asia that will participate in the Worldwide Finals are Yew Eng Tong of Singapore, Noriyuki Hamada of Japan, Buddhika Samarasekera of Sri Lanka and Ralph Sun of China.

The Bocuse d’Or was founded by renowned French chef Paul Bocuse. The Bocuse d’Or (the Concours mondial de la cuisine, World Cooking Contest) is a biennial world chef championship. Named after the chef Paul Bocuse, the event takes place during two days near the end of January in Lyon, France at the SIRHA International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition, and is one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions.

The event is frequently referred to as the culinary equivalent of the Oscars Academy Awards. The event in Lyon brings to surface the vibrance, excitement and the passion in culinary magic from across the globe. Paul Bocuse is a highly respected icon in the Culinary World and Bocuse d’Or competition provides young chefs the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, offering them a tremendous springboard for their careers.

Ever since the beginning of the contest in 1987 and its arrival to Asia in 1989, this is the first time that Sri Lanka has had the opportunity to showcase its culinary skills in the Asian Finals and excel to the Grand Finals in Lyon.
In preparation for the Asian Final, Sri Lanka invited Otto Weibel, the President of Bocuse d’Or Asia and Christophe Megel the President of Bocuse d’Or Singapore to select the best Sri Lankan contestant. With over 11 participants from the hotels across the island, with the support of Rohan Fernandopulle, President of Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka, Anura Dewapura Promotion Manager-Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka and Alan Palmer, the Official Coach-Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka, finally won by Buddika Samarasekera, of Hilton Colombo winning the competition with his apprentice.

Anura Dewapura was the former Executive Chef at Alphonso XIII (Spain) was in charge of the first event held outside En Hommage aux Nouvelles Etoiles Michelin 1996 for 2 and 3 star Michelin chefs from Europe including Paul Bocuse. With an experience in over 13 countries he has been going from General Manager to Director of Operations to Executive Chef Role. Anura will be promoting all the event happenings leading to the Finals in Lyon.

“Alan Palmer is an international culinary judge. He will coordinate the selection process here in Sri Lanka and be there at the Asian finals. Alan has been to the Bocuse d’Or 2003 finale to be an observer on invitation the 2008 European Bocuse d’Or Finals in Stavenger Norway,” Rohan added.

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Hands in harmony Sat, 23 Jun 2012 10:33:26 +0000 Pubudu Apart from near perfect harmonizing and impressive dynamics, the first thing the onlooker notices about the Methodist College Choir at practice is the movements they make.

Is it choreography? Apparently not, similar to the gestures made by the conductor of a choir, slight hand movements seem to be made almost unconsciously by these performers as they fine tune what they promise will be a stunning repertoire at their upcoming concert- Canto Vivace- to be held on June 28 and 29 at the Lionel Wendt.


“The science behind the movements is something I picked up on a while back,” comments director Sanjeev Jayaratnam as he watches the choir he has been training since January 2010 practicing a rousing Sinhala Medley. “I first saw this being done when I watched a practice by the Manado State University Choir when it made its debut tour to Sri Lanka in November last year, and decided to try it out.”
Safe to say the random experiment was a success. From the softer moments of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables and ‘In Paradisum’ from Gabriel Faure’s Requeim, to the exuberant chorus of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’, the movements help create a certain intensity and energy which would normally be difficult to achieve.

“It was very interesting to learn that movement- whether it is a slight jerk of the shoulder or a fluid motion of the hand- could help the voice- or voices to create certain effects; perform tricks,” says Sanjeev. “When I first suggested this practise to the choristers there were a few raised eyebrows and a little reluctance but now, the movements come naturally to them and really help at practises.” With a few days left before the show opens, Sanjeev is confident that the combination of talent, passion and commitment; and of course a few tricks of the trade, has resulted in a special performance.

“I have never seen a group that has mastered such a wide range of dynamics,” he says, “and their versatility helps them perform well in several genres.” And the genres the choir will perform in Canto Vivace are as varied as the dynamics their Director speaks of. From classical to contemporary and everything in between, the repertoire also contains a few interesting experiments- one being an entire song without words- a performance the choristers are particularly proud of.

“The experience of this concert has been extremely challenging, but rewarding as well,” says Keshia Kumaresan (17) and her friends Robesha Christy, Joanne Symons, Thyasha Dissanayake, Sindhu Ratnaraja and Menaka Edeman agree.
The group of senior choristers agrees that the choir has evolved a great deal, incorporating new styles of singing into their performance. “It is very liberating for all of us, comments Thyasha.

“We really enjoy ourselves at practises; and the experience of working in a team is really great.”
Despite having to balance time between studies and other extra-curricular activities, the group agrees that the discipline they have learnt to cultivate in the process of practicing for the concert has helped them to achieve a better sense of balance than before.
The Methodist College Choir is accompanied by Dharshi Edward, Neranjan de Silva and Christopher Prins. They will be joined by Asteria, a premier female choir in Sri Lanka trained by Mahen Peiris, which consists of past pupils from the school; as well as the MC OGA Choir, “Metho Cantanti” trained by Anagi Perera.

Tickets for the show priced at Rs. 1000, 750, 500 and 300 are available at the school office.

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Much anticipated ‘Madagascar 3’ here Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:29:26 +0000 Pubudu Much anticipated animated comedy ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ is now being screened at Liberty cinema, Colombo.
Directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath and Conrad Vernon, produced by DreamWorks Animation, the movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures. The third installment of the series, following first two installments ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’, ‘Madagascar 3’ was premiered in 2012 Cannes Film Festival on May 18.

In Monte Carlo, the Penguins and two chimpanzees, Mason and Phil (disguising as the King of Versailles) keep winning in gambling until Alex’s gang’s attempt to reach them blunders and sparks chaos in the Hotel De Paris. Hotel security calls Monaco Animal Control officer Captain Chantel DuBois (Frances McDormand) to deal with the animals, but she wants them dead as trophies. During a high-speed chase between the relentless DuBois and the animals in a truck driven by the Penguins to reach their aircraft, the animals barely manage to elude her.

Meanwhile, DuBois is held in custody in Rome after causing problems with the local police officers while chasing the animals out of her jurisdiction, but escapes and researches her quarry. Once accomplished, DuBois recruits her injured men and heads towards the Alps, forcing the Four and the penguins to proceed to London despite their incomplete rehearsals. In London, the troupe prepare for the promoter in the audience, but Vitaly is discovered packing to leave.

Alex convinces Vitaly to stay by reminding him of how he enjoys performing the impossible and suggests that he uses conditioner shampoo as a safer lubricant to perform his flaming ring jump. As a result, Vitaly’s stunt is performed perfectly, which proves to be just the opening of a spectacularly successful show. After the impressed promoter arranges for an American tour, DuBois shows up with a paper showing that Alex is a missing lion from the zoo. Though the penguins are able to foil DuBois’ plan to capture Alex, the latter is forced to confess that the four of them are just zoo animals trying to get home, disappointing the others who feel used and lied to.

Realizing that they truly belong with their new friends, Alex and his friends decide to join the circus permanently and they all happily proceed on with their American tour, while DuBois and her men finds themselves, oddly enough just like Alex and his friends in the first film, on a cargo box bound for Madagascar.

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Earthlings watch out Sat, 23 Jun 2012 10:34:19 +0000 Pubudu Paranoid Earthling is back with the ‘Paranoid Earthling LIVE’ series this June. The band will take the stage at the Fuze in Colombo on June 30 for another raw, power-packed performance.

The group will be performing their originals such as ‘The Highway’ ‘Reign’, and ‘69’, popular covers and a few jams for this show. Fans can expect to hear a mélange of genres from the guest acts lined up for the event: Hard Rockers ‘Helter Skelter’, the Kandyan Black Metal gurus ‘Pariah Demise’ and Progressive Thrash Mettallers ‘Hollow’ will grace the stage.

This year shows will be held in Kandy, Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa. The dates will be announced through the band’s website, so look out Earthlings, your favourite band will be performing in your town soon! For more information log on to Tickets could be booked at ticketslk.

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‘Swara’ begins with laudable note Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:28:52 +0000 Pubudu Internationally acclaimed actress Nita Fernando in her latest film ‘Swara’ (Seven Notes) which is ready to be released, carried out a laudable act by supporting a marginalized social group that was highlighted in the movie, the HIV/AIDS infection in Sri Lanka.
Nita with her social service organisation ‘Living with Hope Foundation’ pays tribute to the courage of those living with the deadly disease and together with her co-producer Manohan Nanayakkara, chairman of Asia Digital Entertainment supported three organizations formed by HIV infected patients in the country. The Netherlands embassy in Colombo and several corporate partners joined Nita to provide a donation of Rs. 2.4 million including a car to Positive Women Network, Lanka Plus and Positive Hopes Alliance, organizations formed by HIV infected.

Nita Fernando

The film based on a story written by Yolanda Weerasinghe and directed by young Sanajaya Nirmal reveals the inspiration shown by the events in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. The event organized prior to the film being released was a praiseworthy act by Nita, Yolanda and Manohan who has come forward as a producer, making movies of a different genre in the recent past.
“Thank you Nita and Yolanda for working on this project and giving us such a wonderful movie.

I am very confident of the movie being a successful commercially with audience reacting to it,” said Manohan Nanayakkara who addressed the audience which included a number of religious prelates, First Lady, Shirnathi Rajapaksa, acting ambassador for the Netherlands, Bas-van Norrdenne, several ministers, cinema artistes and a group of HIV infected representing the three organizations.
“It is a serious film while also being entertaining. I reacted to the movie,” Nanayakkara said.

“The theme is one of oppression and how people respond to oppression. I love the climactic scene where AIDS patients stand to the oppressive landlords and you want to say go and get them girls,” he described.

Nita who produced and played the lead role in ‘Swara’ said that in making the movie over the last three years she had to undergo a number of odds which she overcame successfully.

“Today is a special day as we present the promises we made to those living with HIV,” veteran actress said.
“We are called to love and are called to be compassionate and caring. We should commit ourselves to speak in public and promote HIV prevention. We must provide and promote care for the infected and affected. We should fights the sin of discrimination and stigma,” she added.

The highlight of the day was the touching words made by Princey Mangalika, President of the Positive Women Network and who has been living with HIV for last 12 years.

“I feel the story of ‘Swara’ has got closer to our lives and given special value and hopes to us. I have been living with HIV for the last 12 years. At the beginning we felt how our relations, neighbours and in common the entire society reacted against us and how we were harassed and intimidated,” Mangalika said

But we have no single thought of hatred towards any of them. We believe  that they would understand the truth. At a time when there was no proper idea about HIV it is useless to blame those who harassed the HIV infected. That is why we have to educate the society on HIV, she described.

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Beat boxing their way to the top Sat, 23 Jun 2012 10:17:38 +0000 Pubudu For many, beat-boxing is practically a phenomenon, as it’s one of the most difficult genres of music to master. Certainly in Sri Lanka, very few have mastered the practise. Diego Samson (18)and Shonel Perera (16) are two such artistes who’ve perfected the nuances of being a human-beatbox. The two pitted against each other at Talent Search 2012 organised by Royal College recently in a beat-boxing showdown.

Diego started out two years ago, when he happened to come across a video of French beatboxer Pulpo-he’s been hooked ever since. Sites like YouTube, have helped him along from the baby steps to where he is today. “YouTube literally taught me everything I know,” he grins. “After that first video I was absolutely hooked! And I kept searching for more artistes on YouTube and learnt from them.”


His first gig was at a school event. A student of St. Sebastian’s College, he performed at their Colours Night, and from then on moved to performing for larger audiences at zonal events and even at a Y Channel event.

Shonel was lucky enough to have a real life mentor. His uncle Julius Mitchell who has been performing on the Colombo circuit as a beatboxer. Fascinated, he asked his uncle to teach him and what started off as an experiment quickly evolved into a passion when it became clear that Shonel wasn’t your average beatboxer. Julius started teaching him the more in-depth aspects and soon Shonel was performing in public as well as for school, interact events and most notably a funeral!

A member of his school choir at St. Benedicts, he already had a musical background that no doubt helped when it came to taking up beatboxing. The response so far has been amazing. “People come up to us and ask how on earth we do it!” Shonel laughs.


They say the trick of learning to beatbox properly is to start from the very basics. “A little obvious, I know,” says Diego. “But a lot of people think they can start off and immediately try and sound like the professionals. You can’t do that. You have to watch a lot of videos and learn what the basic sounds are. Once you’ve established that foundation, it’s a matter of building on it and creating your own pieces.” “Some people might think that it’s a bit like copying,” adds Shonel.

“But to be honest you have to watch and learn from the established artists if you want to do well on your own afterwards.” They look up to legendary human beatboxers like Pulpo, Joel Turner, Eclipse and Wise for inspiration. And an inspiration they will be to other aspiring young beatboxers as they are taking Sri Lanka’s music industry to a whole new level.

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Salute to the roots of Sri Lankan Music Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:26:19 +0000 Pubudu OH WHAT A NIGHT !  The Sri Lankan music loving public was once again proud to witness the mammoth task of Rajiv Sebastian who was able to bring back a galaxy of stars of yesteryear to re-live the nostalgic memories of Sri Lankan music. He well deserves credit for shouldering the burden of coordinating and managing all aspects at a time where organizing a concert of this nature is not an uncomplicated matter, and this is one of the shows in his lineup of “Tribute to Clarence”, “Back to the 70`s”, ‘5 Star explosion’, ‘70`s to the millennium’, ‘Rajiv Sebastian in concert’, ‘The legends of Sri Lankan pop’, ‘Desmond & Dezmond’ etc..
The fans of legendary hit makers came in droves to hear and see their favourites back in high action at the sold out concert at Nelum Pokuna last Saturday. The older fans gathered to savour the event and listen to their favourite songs, while the young eager to enjoy, maybe for the first time, a concert with a difference.

As it was past seven o’clock, the anticipation began to mount and the murmur of voices which echoed the question “What’s the delay for?”… And then a ‘sound of hush’ in the auditorium as the compere Vijaya Corea took center stage and began in his sonerous voice tracing the roots.

The band Rajiv and Clan then struck the opening chords for the ever green hit of Vivian de Silva Boralessa who belong to the gramophone era in Sri Lanka, appeared on a platform with a dancing troop that arose from underground singing “Dura penena thanithala “initially sung with a Kanthi Wakwella composed by B. S. Perera in the 50’s was an ideal opener for the concert as Poson poya was celebrated in the same month.

The ice breaker changed all the anxious moments into musical happiness.  Desmond de Silva made his entrance attired with a sarong and coat imitating the great entertainer Eddie Jayamanne (Edward Victor Wanniarchchi Jayamanne born in 1915) of yester year. Desmond, although bit taller than Eddie almost became another Eddie to entertain the folks. The ‘takarang voice’ of Eddie was given a bit boyish voice by Desmond. ‘Srini ape Lankawe sinhalaya, ‘kolompure sriya’ followed by ‘nonage ale ‘of the first Sri Lankan film ‘Kadawunu Poronduwa’

The combination of Jenifer Rita Fernando alias Latha Walpola and Ishaq Beig took the audience back in time to many decades. The medley comprised a number of popular hits of Latha and Mohideen Beig were well backed by the Band.

Rasammah Dasy Daniels alias Rukmani Devi born in Nuwara Eliya was paid a great tribute by young Tashni Perera appearing in a similar dress and hair style   performing a couple of her popular songs who tried to do her best despite the preference of the audience for an identical voice of Rukmani Devi, the First Sri Lankan actress who made a revolution in the film industry.

The rare combination of five calypso lead singers, Errol Fernando (Loss Cabellaros), Priya Peiris( La Bambas), Raymond Fonseka (Samanalayo), Sepala Gunasekara (Buzzing Bees), and Christine Gunawardene( La Ceylonians) who performed together as a single unit with their originals Gayana Gayum, Ruwan mali, Nalawena –mau- ukule, Dunhinda Manamali in harmony  received a great applause from the audience that  must surely have warmed their hearts.

The Trio Annesley Malawana, Anil Bharati and Rajiv Sebastian paid a great tribute to the era of Sri Lankan pop created by the late Clarence Wijewardene presenting a number of hits recorded by Moonstones, Golden Chimes and Super Golden Chimes. The three blending voices mesmerized the audience throughout their performance. The selection of the song  “Api raga wayanawa” composed by Badraji Mahinda Jayathilaka  I am sure  would have been an earful to the goons who try to obstruct the trio from keeping Clarence`s memento alive.

Vernon Perera rendered a glowing tribute to veteran H.R.Jothipala’s hits in a remarkable manner with his stark voice and kept the audience fully entertained.  Desmond with his usual charm was in the lime light again singing compositions of the late great Wally Bastian. Irine Josephine,Le kiri karala,wada kaha sudiya..Etc and had the audience with him clapping and singing as he swung the baila in his inimitable style, complete with his characteristic dance steps.

The coming together of all artists at the end of the show that night representing different styles in the form of a medley was indeed touching and significant.
- Thomas Benjamin

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‘GLORY’ at the Margarita Blue Sat, 23 Jun 2012 10:55:15 +0000 Pubudu The popular band ‘Glory’ comprising of five young and upcoming musicians are attracting large crowds currently to the Margarita Blue at the Galadari Hotel.

Formed in 2008 in Moratuwa, the band ‘Glory’ comprises Sanuka Wickramasinghe on lead vocals, Shane Vas on guitar and vocals, Sahan Silva on bass and vocals, Janith Chathuranga on keyboards, saxophone and vocals and Lakshan Fernando on drums.

Well known for a musical style that combines elements of Pop, Classics, Rock n’ Roll, Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, R&B, Reggae, Country, Rumba Flamenco, Blues and Jazz, the band has the ability to cater to a wide array of music.

Sanuka possess an inborn talent for singing and comes from a very musical family. A full time musician Sanuka whilst being the lead vocalist is also a music composer. Shane has made his mark in the musical industry for being a guitarist who has a great ‘feel’ with regards to his musical capabilities and has mastered the talent for improvising to any style of music.

Sahan brings the groove to the band with his guitar and is famed for being a great ‘finger style’ and ‘pick bass guitarist’. Janith has a great talent for Jazz and Blues as well as an extraordinary talent for playing the keyboard. His many talents also include having a great voice to sing and harmonize. Lakshan is an exceptional musician with superb drumming skills. His inspiration is derived from the legendary drummer Simon Philips.

Packed with unending potential ‘Glory’ takes the Margarita Blue by storm every Sunday from 7.30 pm to 1.00 am.

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