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Recycling used yoghurt cups to save environment, tackle dengue crisis


Go Green Lanka Recyclers, whose  main production facility  is  to  be located  in Kalutara,  has  taken  an  initiative  to  collect, clean and recycle yoghurt cups,  drinking cups, plastic bowls and other plastic products  made  out  of  High  Impact  Polystyrene.

This  would  be  the  first  time  that  such  a  project  is  being implemented  in  Sri  Lanka  for  this  particular  type  of  plastic, the company said.  They  plan to  offer  a  reasonable  price  for  the  ones collected,  so  that  the  collectors  could  be  assured  of  a  reasonable income  whilst  assisting  the  country  to  eradicate  a  serious  menace. Initially,  the  collections  would  be  from  the  Western  Province  and from  certain  selected  garbage  processing centres  only.

The  entire island  would  be  covered  in  the  second  stage  of  the  project. These cups are often  found  to block drains, waterways and even  rivers, and said to contribute  towards  the  spreading  of  serious epidemics  such  as  dengue.

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