Northern progress: A first-hand look at new developments


On a guided tour of the media to the North-East Sunday Times photographer Indika Handuwela captured the development work that is in progress.�From bridges to roads, railway lines and building constructions, rapid work is taking place and villagers are enjoying the infrastructure development activities in their areas.

The Kanakarayankulam Lake, situated in the once war-torn zone, was full of children enjoying a dip in the cool waters on a warm afternoon.

Female workers were seen involved in construction work along the main road from Vavuniya to Omanthai. Road-works have been completed in many areas making travel to the North a less strenuous journey.

The Vavuniya hospital, that treated thousands of injured civilians a few years ago, has been given a facelift and was installed with a fully-equipped, foreign funded unit.

In Omanthai housing schemes are being built for state employees attached to offices in the North.
The Northern railway line is still under construction, but when completed the public will be able to travel to the north by train.

Facelift: The Vavuniya hospital has been refurbished with new equipment. Pix Indika Handuwela


Work on the Northern Railway line is progressing

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