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Wycherley “Wyzards” and “Wyches” display their artistic talents


The Junior School of Wycherley was a hive of activity on Saturday 16th June 2012 when the kids from the Play Group to Grade 12 conducted their Art Exhibition. Art stimulates an individual’s thoughts, feelings and ideas and is a vehicle for mans expression. We noticed this at the Exhibition when we were told that Art is on the curricula in the School.

The exhibits adhered to a particular theme that was assigned to each section of the school. The Art and Craft Work displayed by the little kids of the Elementary Section, explored different aspects of life in the jungle, including plants, animals and human life. The beauty of wild flowers, waterfalls and rivers in the jungles have been developed by the students along side the features and characteristics of many animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, butterflies, nocturnal animals and creatures that call the jungle their home.

The Art Exhibition was one of the activities in the school depicting the theme “The Jungle” for the Elementary Section. The whole ambience of the work on display by the kids from Play Group to Grade 2 was filled with jungle themes including the sounds of cascading waterfalls, the croaking of frogs, the chirping of birds and the noises of insects. It was indeed an awesome experience. The Art teacher Mrs. Charini Amarathunga was available to show us around and explain the paintings.

The chosen theme of the Primary Section was “Asia” as explained by Mrs. Sandya Batuwitage and Mrs. Zareena Rajapakse, the teachers in charge of Art for the Primary Section.

Grade 3 explored Japanese Calligraphy, Caves and Cave paintings in India, Wild Life in Asia and Mask painting in Sri Lanka. Grade 4 and 5 focused their attention on famine and poverty in Asia, historic relics, dagobas, rafts, Chinese pottery and Balinese wood craft.
Ms. Keerthiya Perera who showed us around the Junior and Senior Section Art Exhibition area said that “Fusion” was the theme for the students of Grade 6 – 12.

The drawings were a blend of themes, a mixture of various impressions and a web of connected ideas. Emotive and serene were the exhibits of the children of the Junior and Senior Sections, whose work was an eclectic fusion of art forms, originating from unique styles and individual pathways explored by the students over the academic year.� The exhibits were well displayed in an effective “Spider’s Web”. We noticed that there was a lot of co-operation and co-ordination among all students and teachers in organizing this Exhibition of Art Work.

The Adjudicators for this event were Mrs. Shyamala Pinto – Jayawardena and Mr. Ranjith Alahakoon. The exhibition was on from morning up to dusk time and there was an endless streems of parents to see their children’s handiwork. The first and broadest sense of art is the one that has remained closest to the older Latin meaning, which roughly translates to “skill” or “craft”. We noticed that Wycherley wants to develop this creative skill in the children – and the grand finale obviously has been the Art Exhibition of 2012.

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