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University of Worcester; an academic haven


The United Kingdom remains the unparalleled prime destination when it comes to higher education in Sri Lanka. The popularity is not without reason. UK universities provide some the world’s best degree pathways and education programmes not to mention producing most famous scholars, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, artists etc in the world.

The University of Worcester has been recognised as one of the premier educational institutes in England since its inception in 1946. It offers an extensive range of courses catering to undergraduate and post graduate levels as well as short courses and Research Degrees.
The academic pathways at the University of Worcester include institutes of Education, Health and Society, Humanities and Creative Arts, Science and the Environment, Sports and Exercise Science and the Business School.

The reason for the University of Worcester to be such a popular education provider is because the study pathways they offer are highly professional and relevant as well as excellent teaching with a friendly approach to the students.. ‘Every person counts’ is the approach that this university takes towards its students. Each and every student is given individual attention and is guided towards achieving excellence. The emphasiz lies on being happy while studying rather than becoming mechanical at it. This has resulted in the University of Worcester to be the proud owner of a great track record in graduate employments.

If a student is not sure about which pathway he or she would like to take, the university website offers a great feature called ‘inspire me’. This gives the student the chance to discover what he or she is really passionate about by answering a few questions and then the website offers the courses best suited to the expectations of the student.

The University of Worcester supplies student counseling, and links opening up fantastic work placements for the students who prefer to follow the work/study method. Furthermore, at the University of Worcester, the student can enjoy excellent facilities funded by a GBP 100 million investment programme. The university also offers accommodation with a variety of selections in location and the budget suited to the student’s needs.

As much importance it gives to the academic excellence, the University of Worcester also promotes sustainability. It has been named as the ‘third greenest university in the UK in 2011’ by People & Planet Green League for the third year in succession. An Environment Management System which won the EcoCampus Gold award was implemented throughout the university grounds making it one of the most eco friendly universities in the country, The university has taken various steps such as not using bottled water for university events, protecting bio diversity, implementing a sustainable food action plan etc. Its students are actively participating in learning and preserving nature and thereby contributing to a better student environment.

If there is a student who wishes to enroll in a high quality degree programme which provides one of the best curriculums as well as receiving guidance every step of the way while taking a responsible attitude towards the environment, the University of Worcester would be the ideal place to be.

If you are intending to apply for September 2012 Please call on 0777 390683 for appointment with� Mr.Chris Taylor from Univeristy of Worcester on the 29th June 22, 2012

A Sri Lankan Student’s� Views

Name: Yasantha De Silva Rajaratne
Level of study: Post Graduate
Name of course:� MSc in Management & Human Resources
Q: School/college previously attended:� Ananda College Colombo 10
A. Year: First year

Q: If you are an international student, please indicate which city you are from:A. Colombo, Sri Lanka
Q: Why did you choose to go to university?
A. To gain academic credentials

Q: Why did you choose to study at University of Worcester?
A. One of my friends studying there recommended it as being good. I did a background check and found it to be true.
Q: What do you like best about your course?
A. It challenged the limits that I thought I had on my capabilities, and made me realise that hard work does have the potential of paying off.
Q: In what ways have the staff/course tutors been helpful and supportive?
A. The Staff at the International Centre were very helpful, especially Lorraine, Jane, and Louis. Some staff members at the student registry were quite rude and some of them acted like bouncers.

The course tutors were moderately helpful. Most of the time they recommended the reference of books and journals rather than actually teaching. However, this was a good strategy, which created a sense���� of Independence.

Q:If you have a part-time job, do you find it easy to fit in with your academic work?
A. I worked at the cafeteria in the university. It was easy to fit with my academic work. But you need to look in to the quality of employers of this place. Some of the co-workers displayed characteristics of�� racism. I found the job through a friend.

Q: What tips could you give to other students for coping on a tight budget?
A. Do not spend money on things that are not important. Be careful about �� �sharing/splitting costs with friends – it might not be cost effective as intended.

Q: If you have been involved in any clubs or societies please give details of your experience
A. No.
Q:What do you enjoy most about living in Worcester?
A.I liked the fact that the shops/supermarkets were located in close proximity to the university, that it was a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood, safe to travel even at night (at least in my case), I didn’t take part in too much night-life at clubs or at divebar.

Q: Is there any other advice you could give to Sri Lankan students considering studying at University of Worcester?
A. If the university forgets to pick you up at the Airport, do not take a taxi and if �� �you do, remember to get a receipt. (I was not aware of this importance and forgot to get a receipt. But Lorraine was� very kind and somehow managed to get the taxi fare reimbursed.).

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