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“ Imperial Institute of Higher Education: your designated choice of education”


The overarching need to conform and be accepted into a knowledge-driven society propels many to pursue professional or academic degrees. The importance of education has further heightened because many individuals are able to understand the value and significance of receiving education. In Sri Lanka, with the growth of many private institutes that have affiliations with foreign universities, as a potential student or parent in some cases, we are often struck with a plethora of choices to decide from.

It is somewhat safe to say, that education has in fact become a commodity, and� we, its consumers. However, this should not be the case; education providers should not ‘commodify’ education and� the quality of education should not be compromised at the expense of low pricing. Like with many services, the service of education has generated competition within the nation, with institutes vying to secure market penetration the best way they can.

Having said that, there are also those private institutes which strive to provide quality degree programmes and aim to act as rightful agents or providers of valuable education. Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE) is one such private institute. With 15 years of experience in the education industry, today IIHE has established itself as a renowned provider of tertiary education.

IIHE commenced its venture into education in 1996 with the provision of the BSc (Hons) in Business Management. Subsequently, in 2001, the Masters of Business Administration represented the institute’s one other addition to its portfolio of academic programs.
BSc (Hons) in Business Management.

The BSc (Hons) in Business management that IIHE offers is of unprecedented quality and value. It is noteworthy to highlight, that students who have completed this degree have secured jobs at reputed organizations such as Unilever, Brandix, MAS, Virtusa so on and so forth. The quality of this program defines IIHE as a prestigious institute that guarantees 100 percent employability for its graduates. Not only is the programme well-rounded in its ability to equip students with academically holistic skills and knowledge, but it is also responsible in contributing to an all-encompassing development of the student as an individual.

Students learn to boost confidence and self-esteem through the arrangement of various presentations they are required to deliver in an educational context, as well as a practical context. Further, as per the compulsory dissertation that is to be submitted in the final year, students are expected to undertake their individual research and develop their own recommendations and solutions.
This not only hones their research skills, but also enhances their problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills; aspects of an individual that are essential when transitioning to the corporate arena. All in all, the BSc (Hons) in Business Management contributes to the fully-fledged development of an individual, in terms of both an academic and applied context.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) offered at IIHE is a general yet comprehensive programme that challenges your ability to manage both personal and professional commitments. The course structure is very in-depth and integrative, and encourages an applied manner of thinking and approach. It is stringent and difficult in terms of the assessment and evaluation criteria; albeit the programme helps you mature as an employee and as yourself.

The course entails certain subjects such as Marketing, Strategic Management and Service Marketing that revive one’s dormant creative skills by challenging students to be innovative in the presentation of certain products or services.

The more innovative the presentation is, the higher the grade received. Moreover, IIHE boasts a diverse range of students who enrol for the MBA programme, from academic backgrounds such as psychology, medicine, engineering, and architecture. This in turn will facilitate different perspectives and viewpoints in classroom discussions, thereby enhancing productivity of lectures and tutorials.

The MBA program at IIHE further moulds students to attain higher success through the general practice of business methods.
IIHE embraces quality and value in its provision of education to individuals. It is of paramount importance to us, to deliver what is assured to its prospective and current students. In a world like today, where one is bombarded with an array of choices (retail products, literature, film and television, electronics, educational institutes, universities, professions etc) from which they make decisions, it is important to make a calculative and wise decision when considering your future or the future of someone else. IIHE aspires to assure you that you have made the right choice and seeks to ensure that you achieve your future goals and objectives.

- Sharkshini Mathivanan

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