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ICBT offers LLM degree from Cardiff-Metropolitan University


Many institutions in Sri-Lanka currently offer several undergraduate courses, however, very few private institutions offer a quality education for post-graduate studies. This often leaves students at a stagnant phase in the educational path. Post-graduate studies require, as a necessity, a quality education that will give students, in addition to academic knowledge, a recognised and respected qualification.� The International College of Business and Technology (ICBT) introduces a prestigious Master of Law degree, through Cardiff-Metropolitan University, one of the leading educational destinations in the United Kingdom for international students. Cardiff-Metropolitan University has been listed as the overall top in the United Kingdom for International student satisfaction. “we constantly strive to provide the best possible experience for our international students” said Dr. Mohamed Loutfi, Dean of International Advancement at Cardiff-Metropolitan University.

Dr. Mohamed Loutfi went on to say this regarding ICBT, the Cardiff-Metropolitan partner institute in Sri-Lanka. “we choose partners from around the world as a part of the internationalization of our university, we choose a maximum of twenty partners from around the world. ICBT has enhanced their relationship with the Cardiff-Metropolitan University by offering our Master in Law degree in addition to the other bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered by us through ICBT. Now we expand and add depth to our partnership with ICBT by introducing our Master’s in Law.’”

ICBT currently offers the following degrees from Cardiff-Metropolitan University, Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Management, Software development, and Master’s degrees in Business administration, and Information technology.

“we currently have about a thousand students enrolled at ICBT who are following the academic programmes of Cardiff-Metropolitan University” said Dr.Loutfi, “all these students gain a similar educational experience to that they would receive at the parent campus”
Dr. Loutfi further elaborated on the recent additions to the academic programmes “we have now moved towards following modules in the same order at Cardiff-Metropolitan University as well as at ICBT, this streamlining process makes it much easier for our students to transfer for a semester. This transfer is bilateral, with students from Cardiff-Metropolitan University studying at ICBT for a semester and ICBT students studying at Cardiff-Metropolitan University for a semester. This promotes internationalisation of our staff and students. Students are assured that the study material and content will be the same at both locations”

A successful partnership relies on good communication and interaction amongst the parties concerned. Cardiff-Metropolitan and ICBT ensure the success of their partnership through regular training of staff and information exchange. “Staff from Cardiff-Metropolitan University regularly visit ICBT through the year.� In addition to this we have an annual training at Cardiff-Metropolitan University, where staff from all our partner organisations, including ICBT, participate and learn from the training. We also have trainers from our university travelling to ICBT to ensure the lecturers and staff are updated with the current information. Based on all this I would say, that on average, we meet about once a month”In the future Cardiff-Metropolitan University will work to strengthen their ties with ICBT “we have been working with ICBT for the past two year and we are very pleased with the quality of education they offer. We are in expanding our relationship with ICBT to offer the LLM degree beginning in September of this year, and the in the future we will also introduce the Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, with all three years being offered in Sri-Lanka” said Dr.Loutfi. He further added “we have met with the Minister of Higher education in Sri-Lanka to discuss our plans of expansion in Sri-Lanka, and the Minister is very supportive of our endeavour as one of the leading higher education institutes in the United Kingdom”.

The Cardiff-Metropolitan International Business Masters in Law (LLM) degree will give students a learning firmly grounded in a business and management environment, which allows students to analyse theories and concepts while training to think critically and developing problem solving skills.

Joanne Kotelawala.

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