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FREE Air Tickets from BCAS to study in Malaysia/ UK!!!!!!


British College of Applied Studies have come forward to provide FREE Air Tickets to students desiring to study in any of the institutions represented by them – be it Malaysia or UK. Perhaps it is the first time in Sri Lanka FREE Air Tickets are offered to all students gaining admission to universities by a local institution working with overseas universities and colleges.
In Malaysia we represent the following fully-fledged colleges that deliver degree courses for their top-class affiliated universities in the UK, the USA and Australia.

  • SEGI University College
  • �International University & College
  • �HELP University College
  • �Lincoln University College
  • �Taylor’s University College
  • �Binary University College
  • �KL Metropolitan University College
  • �University College of Science & Technology

Students and parents will surely be interested to know that Malaysia is now the newest international hub of higher education in the world and competes steadily with UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand in attracting foreign students. Why is this so? The UK which was the topmost and popular higher education destination for Sri Lankan students has tightened visa rules and increased course fees substantially. The alarming increase in exchange rate is another impediment for the students to have second thoughts about studying in the west in General.
On the contrary, the higher education institutions (Universities and Colleges) in Malaysia charge comparatively much less tuition fees while the living cost, unlike in the UK and other countries in the West and Australasia is affordable with first class facilities. Yet, the quality of education is as best as in those advanced countries.
The student can pay his tuition fee on an instalment basis with a modicum of amount paid as the initial deposit to gain admission. The student does not have to be kept waiting wait to get his visa as the visa process is easier and the visa is collectible with a week maximum. Parents need not bother to show enormous bank deposit. Nor do they want to prove their financial stability with piles of documents.
BCAS being engaged in the field of student placement and recruitment to international institutions in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc for the last 13+ years have now established links with prominent Universities and Colleges in Malaysia with the view to assist Sri Lankan students in getting quality higher education at a nominal cost. BCAS thus have a proud record of making more than 2500 Sri Lankan students earn foreign degrees sofar, mostly from UK during the span of 13 years.
As an encouragement to the students from Sri Lanka getting admissions to Malaysian institutions, we have come forward to provide Free Air Tickets for those who process their admission with us. So, it is your opportunity. Make use of it.
This Free Air Ticket Offer is not limited to Malaysia alone but even for those who are ambitious of earning their degrees in the UK itself direct. We have a choice of five Universities, namely:
1. University of Wolverhampton
2. University of Bedfordshire
3. University of Portsmouth
4. University of Central Lancashire
5. University of West London
The universities and colleges in Malaysia and the UK offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in a variety of disciplines (IT, Engineering, Education, Psychology, Hotel Management, Business, Accounting, etc.etc.) Undergraduate degrees include top-up level as well.
This FREE Air Ticket Offer does not include any hidden conditions or Charges. This offer is available only for students registering on or before 10th July 2012 for September 2012 Intake. Please contact Mariyam 0777 110833 ,Niyas 077 3895318, Eliza on 0112 2597217, Hotline 011 2559255. Now it is up to you grab this fantastic opportunity.
You can also get further details at BCAS CAMPUS ( Study Abroad Division), 32, Darmarama road, colombo 06.

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