The Sundaytimes Sri Lanka » Education Official website of the Sunday Times Newspaper in Sri Lanka Sat, 23 Jun 2012 22:01:47 +0000 en hourly 1 Wycherley “Wyzards” and “Wyches” display their artistic talents Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:21:34 +0000 ramesh The Junior School of Wycherley was a hive of activity on Saturday 16th June 2012 when the kids from the Play Group to Grade 12 conducted their Art Exhibition. Art stimulates an individual’s thoughts, feelings and ideas and is a vehicle for mans expression. We noticed this at the Exhibition when we were told that Art is on the curricula in the School.

The exhibits adhered to a particular theme that was assigned to each section of the school. The Art and Craft Work displayed by the little kids of the Elementary Section, explored different aspects of life in the jungle, including plants, animals and human life. The beauty of wild flowers, waterfalls and rivers in the jungles have been developed by the students along side the features and characteristics of many animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, butterflies, nocturnal animals and creatures that call the jungle their home.

The Art Exhibition was one of the activities in the school depicting the theme “The Jungle” for the Elementary Section. The whole ambience of the work on display by the kids from Play Group to Grade 2 was filled with jungle themes including the sounds of cascading waterfalls, the croaking of frogs, the chirping of birds and the noises of insects. It was indeed an awesome experience. The Art teacher Mrs. Charini Amarathunga was available to show us around and explain the paintings.

The chosen theme of the Primary Section was “Asia” as explained by Mrs. Sandya Batuwitage and Mrs. Zareena Rajapakse, the teachers in charge of Art for the Primary Section.

Grade 3 explored Japanese Calligraphy, Caves and Cave paintings in India, Wild Life in Asia and Mask painting in Sri Lanka. Grade 4 and 5 focused their attention on famine and poverty in Asia, historic relics, dagobas, rafts, Chinese pottery and Balinese wood craft.
Ms. Keerthiya Perera who showed us around the Junior and Senior Section Art Exhibition area said that “Fusion” was the theme for the students of Grade 6 – 12.

The drawings were a blend of themes, a mixture of various impressions and a web of connected ideas. Emotive and serene were the exhibits of the children of the Junior and Senior Sections, whose work was an eclectic fusion of art forms, originating from unique styles and individual pathways explored by the students over the academic year.� The exhibits were well displayed in an effective “Spider’s Web”. We noticed that there was a lot of co-operation and co-ordination among all students and teachers in organizing this Exhibition of Art Work.

The Adjudicators for this event were Mrs. Shyamala Pinto – Jayawardena and Mr. Ranjith Alahakoon. The exhibition was on from morning up to dusk time and there was an endless streems of parents to see their children’s handiwork. The first and broadest sense of art is the one that has remained closest to the older Latin meaning, which roughly translates to “skill” or “craft”. We noticed that Wycherley wants to develop this creative skill in the children – and the grand finale obviously has been the Art Exhibition of 2012.

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ICBT offers LLM degree from Cardiff-Metropolitan University Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:16:13 +0000 ramesh Many institutions in Sri-Lanka currently offer several undergraduate courses, however, very few private institutions offer a quality education for post-graduate studies. This often leaves students at a stagnant phase in the educational path. Post-graduate studies require, as a necessity, a quality education that will give students, in addition to academic knowledge, a recognised and respected qualification.� The International College of Business and Technology (ICBT) introduces a prestigious Master of Law degree, through Cardiff-Metropolitan University, one of the leading educational destinations in the United Kingdom for international students. Cardiff-Metropolitan University has been listed as the overall top in the United Kingdom for International student satisfaction. “we constantly strive to provide the best possible experience for our international students” said Dr. Mohamed Loutfi, Dean of International Advancement at Cardiff-Metropolitan University.

Dr. Mohamed Loutfi went on to say this regarding ICBT, the Cardiff-Metropolitan partner institute in Sri-Lanka. “we choose partners from around the world as a part of the internationalization of our university, we choose a maximum of twenty partners from around the world. ICBT has enhanced their relationship with the Cardiff-Metropolitan University by offering our Master in Law degree in addition to the other bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered by us through ICBT. Now we expand and add depth to our partnership with ICBT by introducing our Master’s in Law.’”

ICBT currently offers the following degrees from Cardiff-Metropolitan University, Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Management, Software development, and Master’s degrees in Business administration, and Information technology.

“we currently have about a thousand students enrolled at ICBT who are following the academic programmes of Cardiff-Metropolitan University” said Dr.Loutfi, “all these students gain a similar educational experience to that they would receive at the parent campus”
Dr. Loutfi further elaborated on the recent additions to the academic programmes “we have now moved towards following modules in the same order at Cardiff-Metropolitan University as well as at ICBT, this streamlining process makes it much easier for our students to transfer for a semester. This transfer is bilateral, with students from Cardiff-Metropolitan University studying at ICBT for a semester and ICBT students studying at Cardiff-Metropolitan University for a semester. This promotes internationalisation of our staff and students. Students are assured that the study material and content will be the same at both locations”

A successful partnership relies on good communication and interaction amongst the parties concerned. Cardiff-Metropolitan and ICBT ensure the success of their partnership through regular training of staff and information exchange. “Staff from Cardiff-Metropolitan University regularly visit ICBT through the year.� In addition to this we have an annual training at Cardiff-Metropolitan University, where staff from all our partner organisations, including ICBT, participate and learn from the training. We also have trainers from our university travelling to ICBT to ensure the lecturers and staff are updated with the current information. Based on all this I would say, that on average, we meet about once a month”In the future Cardiff-Metropolitan University will work to strengthen their ties with ICBT “we have been working with ICBT for the past two year and we are very pleased with the quality of education they offer. We are in expanding our relationship with ICBT to offer the LLM degree beginning in September of this year, and the in the future we will also introduce the Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, with all three years being offered in Sri-Lanka” said Dr.Loutfi. He further added “we have met with the Minister of Higher education in Sri-Lanka to discuss our plans of expansion in Sri-Lanka, and the Minister is very supportive of our endeavour as one of the leading higher education institutes in the United Kingdom”.

The Cardiff-Metropolitan International Business Masters in Law (LLM) degree will give students a learning firmly grounded in a business and management environment, which allows students to analyse theories and concepts while training to think critically and developing problem solving skills.

Joanne Kotelawala.

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Accelerate Your Career through the Executive Development Programme Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:12:25 +0000 ramesh “Our past EDP students have gained 30% – 300% increase in their salaries and significant promotions and career advancement within the first two years of completing the programme”

Are you at a point in your life where your qualifications need a boost? Does your career need a kick start? So many of us are striving for better things; better employment opportunities, better salaries and all round better prospects either at home or abroad.
To enhance your present qualifications and accelerate your career, Northwood University, Michigan, USA, has introduced a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree specializing in Management, Marketing, International Business and Finance. This unique programme can be completed entirely in Sri Lanka in just one year. The BBA degree comes under the Executive Education suite of programmes offered at the Northwood University International Program Center, Sri Lanka.

The Executive Development Programme is aimed at students who have part qualifications in CIMA/CIM/HND/ABE or ICASL professional qualifications coupled with work experience.Northwood University has been providing specialist business education, and the resulting career growth opportunities, to current and aspiring managers and executives in the USA for 50 years.

The University has 3 residential campuses in America, over 29 extension centers across the USA, and international programme centers in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China and Sri Lanka, Northwood University is truly global.What are the benefits you can expect from a Northwood University specialized BBA degree under the Executive Development Program?
Our past EDP students have typically achieved 30% – 300% increase in their salaries in Sri Lanka and abroad, significant promotions and career advancements within 2 years following completion of the program.

All students receive a recognized American Bachelor’s degree from Northwood University which is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, one of America’s 6 regional accreditation bodies���� and is accepted by UGC – Sri Lanka.

Obtain an Internal degree from Northwood University, USA
Access to Blackboard and online library facilities
Lectures are conducted on Sundays for 7 hours completing 1 module per month.
The degree can be completed in 1 year.

Financial assistance is available for students with a monthly payment plan and a student loan facility for approximately Rs.10,000/= per month
The Executive Development Programme is specifically designed for working individuals with flexible delivery during weekends. Understanding the fact that working individuals need to balance work, life and education, EDP will be conducted on a modular delivery structure where one module will be conducted per month, allowing students to complete their BBA degree in just one year. ANC Education has introduced a monthly payment plan (33,500 /= per month) and a customized student loan scheme (approximately 10,000 per month) to provide financial assistance to students.

The Executive Development Programme will be a valuable investment for executives who want to accelerate their career progression.
Students interested in the Executive Development Programme can obtain further information by contacting Erandi on 0777 44 99 66 or from

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A pathway to gradute from an Australian university through Malaysia Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:10:56 +0000 ramesh

Chatushka Alwis

There are several Malaysian Universities that have excellent twinning arrangements with good Australian universities for selected courses to be partially undertaken in Malaysia. Some students who wish to graduate from an Australian university select to do a few years of studies in Malaysia and then proceed to Australia. Selecting this pathway has many advantages – Malaysia is closer to Sri Lanka and thus cost of travel is less, enabling more frequent home breaks, the food is more Asian, the cost of living is less, there are savings on tuition fee and above all the initial years under more personal guidance provided by Malaysian universities makes it easy to get adapted to the Australian system of student centred education.

Chathushka Jayanatha Alwis selected this pathway to initially study in Malaysia for these reasons. He studied at Wycherley International School and passed the Cambridge A/L in the Mathematical stream in 2011. He was determined to be an Engineer and Robotics appealed to him the best. He knew that an engineer would do well if he has a good knowledge of computing as well. Accordingly his selection for an undergraduate course was a double degree – Robotics and Mechatronics (Hons) coupled with a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He selected to study the first three years at Swinburne Sarawak campus in Malaysia because during the 4th year he can transfer to Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Chathushka enrolled in the Swinburne University’s Sarawak campus in February 2012. He is already in Sri Lanka for the mid year break enjoying with friends and� family .The University has lecturers from different cultural backgrounds and studying facilities at the campus are very good. There are 4 large computer laboratories of which 2 are open 24 hours a day. There is thus no need to queue up to get access to a computer to do assignments which need to be given on time. There are internet facilities within the campus to access all the university course material including those in the Melbourne campus. The library he said is excellent. He took very little time to adjust to the course delivery and the university life style.

He says that Sarawak does not have a large native population which gives the international students the ability to have a “fair say”. As he went he was living in the university accommodation but has moved out to a fully furnished room in a privately owned facility for the next semester. He pays around MYR 600 for his accommodation for a month. He mostly eats out though facilities are there to cook in his apartment. Of course he misses local food especially those cooked by his mother but he has no major complaints except that the food is bit oily and he needs to use the university gymnasium regularly to shed possible extra calories.

Though not thickly populated, Sarawak has a full range of entertainment required for relaxation and weekend outings. He has not been able to play cricket which is the sport he loves to play but keeps himself fit by playing soccer, basketball and badminton with friends and other university students as time permits.

Any regrets of choosing to study in Malaysia? No says Chatushka and he says that when he joins the Swinburne University in Melbourne in year 4 to complete his double degree which would take him a total of 5 years he will be fully geared to give out his best and do very well at the final examinations.

Edlocate officially represents Swinburne College and University in Melbourne and Swinburne Sarawak campus in Malaysia. The other Malaysian universities we represent are the Taylors and INTI. Edlocate can enrol students to Monash Sunway campus too in Malaysia.

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RICS accredited BSc (Hons) QS degree in Sri Lanka Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:06:59 +0000 ramesh The Colombo School of Construction in partnership with the School of Built Environment, University of Salford has been conducting a RICS accredited BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying degree since 2011. This programme was launched in March 2011 by senior members of the School of Built Environment including Prof. Mike Kagioglou ; David Baldry and Prof. Dilanthi Amaratunga from the University of Salford and Prof. Chitra Wedikkara, Prof. Raufdeen Rameezdeen and Prof. Lalith De Silva representing the Colombo School of Construction Technology.

This is the first time a private educational institute in Sri Lanka has been so recognized by the RICS to run a degree programme, which is a full 4 year honours degree programme ( 3 years taught + 1 year industrial training) in Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka. The only other institution providing a similar programme is the University of Moratuwa which is the premier institution offering such degrees in Sri Lanka.� The degree affords the opportunity for those students satisfying the entry requirements to seek advanced entry to the 2nd year of the 4 year programme. This is an option available to students who have completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) and meet the requisite requirements.

The RICS accreditation afforded to the Colombo School of Construction Technology is a great achievement and indeed a significant opportunity for students missing out on entry to the state university system. It is also an alternative avenue to traveling overseas for higher education or undertaking a programme that is not professionally accredited which is important when considering the industrial norm of Quality for such courses particularly those in the Built environment.

By joining CSCT, parents and students alike will have the peace of mind knowing that the teaching staff at CSCT and facilities is of the highest caliber as accepted by RICS evidenced by their extension of accreditation and that students will be given assistance in obtaining work placements for practical training. The University of Salford is world renowned for its excellence in teaching and research, in the field of Built Environment. Students wanting an “overseas” experience have the option of completing part of their studies at Salford or attending their studies at Salford or attending their graduation in the UK with other Salford Graduates. CSCT has been conducting Edexcel HNDs in Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics, Construction Management, Building Services Engineering and Civil Engineering since 2009.� CSCT is already in discussion with the University of Salford to extend their portfolio of collaborative degree programmes in the immediate future.

The decision to pursue higher education is an important one and when choosing your education provider,� the decision should not simply be based on the cost or duration but one based on quality and employability. The UoS- CSCT collaboration provides a sound cognate honours degree that is recognized worldwide particularly by employees seeking QS degree holders. Make the right choice for your future and register now for the 2012 intake. Hot line; 0773442104 or 0112885932

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FREE Air Tickets from BCAS to study in Malaysia/ UK!!!!!! Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:06:09 +0000 ramesh British College of Applied Studies have come forward to provide FREE Air Tickets to students desiring to study in any of the institutions represented by them – be it Malaysia or UK. Perhaps it is the first time in Sri Lanka FREE Air Tickets are offered to all students gaining admission to universities by a local institution working with overseas universities and colleges.
In Malaysia we represent the following fully-fledged colleges that deliver degree courses for their top-class affiliated universities in the UK, the USA and Australia.

  • SEGI University College
  • �International University & College
  • �HELP University College
  • �Lincoln University College
  • �Taylor’s University College
  • �Binary University College
  • �KL Metropolitan University College
  • �University College of Science & Technology

Students and parents will surely be interested to know that Malaysia is now the newest international hub of higher education in the world and competes steadily with UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand in attracting foreign students. Why is this so? The UK which was the topmost and popular higher education destination for Sri Lankan students has tightened visa rules and increased course fees substantially. The alarming increase in exchange rate is another impediment for the students to have second thoughts about studying in the west in General.
On the contrary, the higher education institutions (Universities and Colleges) in Malaysia charge comparatively much less tuition fees while the living cost, unlike in the UK and other countries in the West and Australasia is affordable with first class facilities. Yet, the quality of education is as best as in those advanced countries.
The student can pay his tuition fee on an instalment basis with a modicum of amount paid as the initial deposit to gain admission. The student does not have to be kept waiting wait to get his visa as the visa process is easier and the visa is collectible with a week maximum. Parents need not bother to show enormous bank deposit. Nor do they want to prove their financial stability with piles of documents.
BCAS being engaged in the field of student placement and recruitment to international institutions in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc for the last 13+ years have now established links with prominent Universities and Colleges in Malaysia with the view to assist Sri Lankan students in getting quality higher education at a nominal cost. BCAS thus have a proud record of making more than 2500 Sri Lankan students earn foreign degrees sofar, mostly from UK during the span of 13 years.
As an encouragement to the students from Sri Lanka getting admissions to Malaysian institutions, we have come forward to provide Free Air Tickets for those who process their admission with us. So, it is your opportunity. Make use of it.
This Free Air Ticket Offer is not limited to Malaysia alone but even for those who are ambitious of earning their degrees in the UK itself direct. We have a choice of five Universities, namely:
1. University of Wolverhampton
2. University of Bedfordshire
3. University of Portsmouth
4. University of Central Lancashire
5. University of West London
The universities and colleges in Malaysia and the UK offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in a variety of disciplines (IT, Engineering, Education, Psychology, Hotel Management, Business, Accounting, etc.etc.) Undergraduate degrees include top-up level as well.
This FREE Air Ticket Offer does not include any hidden conditions or Charges. This offer is available only for students registering on or before 10th July 2012 for September 2012 Intake. Please contact Mariyam 0777 110833 ,Niyas 077 3895318, Eliza on 0112 2597217, Hotline 011 2559255. Now it is up to you grab this fantastic opportunity.
You can also get further details at BCAS CAMPUS ( Study Abroad Division), 32, Darmarama road, colombo 06.

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University of Worcester; an academic haven Sat, 23 Jun 2012 12:01:03 +0000 ramesh The United Kingdom remains the unparalleled prime destination when it comes to higher education in Sri Lanka. The popularity is not without reason. UK universities provide some the world’s best degree pathways and education programmes not to mention producing most famous scholars, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, artists etc in the world.

The University of Worcester has been recognised as one of the premier educational institutes in England since its inception in 1946. It offers an extensive range of courses catering to undergraduate and post graduate levels as well as short courses and Research Degrees.
The academic pathways at the University of Worcester include institutes of Education, Health and Society, Humanities and Creative Arts, Science and the Environment, Sports and Exercise Science and the Business School.

The reason for the University of Worcester to be such a popular education provider is because the study pathways they offer are highly professional and relevant as well as excellent teaching with a friendly approach to the students.. ‘Every person counts’ is the approach that this university takes towards its students. Each and every student is given individual attention and is guided towards achieving excellence. The emphasiz lies on being happy while studying rather than becoming mechanical at it. This has resulted in the University of Worcester to be the proud owner of a great track record in graduate employments.

If a student is not sure about which pathway he or she would like to take, the university website offers a great feature called ‘inspire me’. This gives the student the chance to discover what he or she is really passionate about by answering a few questions and then the website offers the courses best suited to the expectations of the student.

The University of Worcester supplies student counseling, and links opening up fantastic work placements for the students who prefer to follow the work/study method. Furthermore, at the University of Worcester, the student can enjoy excellent facilities funded by a GBP 100 million investment programme. The university also offers accommodation with a variety of selections in location and the budget suited to the student’s needs.

As much importance it gives to the academic excellence, the University of Worcester also promotes sustainability. It has been named as the ‘third greenest university in the UK in 2011’ by People & Planet Green League for the third year in succession. An Environment Management System which won the EcoCampus Gold award was implemented throughout the university grounds making it one of the most eco friendly universities in the country, The university has taken various steps such as not using bottled water for university events, protecting bio diversity, implementing a sustainable food action plan etc. Its students are actively participating in learning and preserving nature and thereby contributing to a better student environment.

If there is a student who wishes to enroll in a high quality degree programme which provides one of the best curriculums as well as receiving guidance every step of the way while taking a responsible attitude towards the environment, the University of Worcester would be the ideal place to be.

If you are intending to apply for September 2012 Please call on 0777 390683 for appointment with� Mr.Chris Taylor from Univeristy of Worcester on the 29th June 22, 2012

A Sri Lankan Student’s� Views

Name: Yasantha De Silva Rajaratne
Level of study: Post Graduate
Name of course:� MSc in Management & Human Resources
Q: School/college previously attended:� Ananda College Colombo 10
A. Year: First year

Q: If you are an international student, please indicate which city you are from:A. Colombo, Sri Lanka
Q: Why did you choose to go to university?
A. To gain academic credentials

Q: Why did you choose to study at University of Worcester?
A. One of my friends studying there recommended it as being good. I did a background check and found it to be true.
Q: What do you like best about your course?
A. It challenged the limits that I thought I had on my capabilities, and made me realise that hard work does have the potential of paying off.
Q: In what ways have the staff/course tutors been helpful and supportive?
A. The Staff at the International Centre were very helpful, especially Lorraine, Jane, and Louis. Some staff members at the student registry were quite rude and some of them acted like bouncers.

The course tutors were moderately helpful. Most of the time they recommended the reference of books and journals rather than actually teaching. However, this was a good strategy, which created a sense���� of Independence.

Q:If you have a part-time job, do you find it easy to fit in with your academic work?
A. I worked at the cafeteria in the university. It was easy to fit with my academic work. But you need to look in to the quality of employers of this place. Some of the co-workers displayed characteristics of�� racism. I found the job through a friend.

Q: What tips could you give to other students for coping on a tight budget?
A. Do not spend money on things that are not important. Be careful about �� �sharing/splitting costs with friends – it might not be cost effective as intended.

Q: If you have been involved in any clubs or societies please give details of your experience
A. No.
Q:What do you enjoy most about living in Worcester?
A.I liked the fact that the shops/supermarkets were located in close proximity to the university, that it was a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood, safe to travel even at night (at least in my case), I didn’t take part in too much night-life at clubs or at divebar.

Q: Is there any other advice you could give to Sri Lankan students considering studying at University of Worcester?
A. If the university forgets to pick you up at the Airport, do not take a taxi and if �� �you do, remember to get a receipt. (I was not aware of this importance and forgot to get a receipt. But Lorraine was� very kind and somehow managed to get the taxi fare reimbursed.).

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12 month executive MBA from Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) Sat, 23 Jun 2012 11:53:53 +0000 ramesh (Colombo, June 2012) Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) launched its 12 month executive MBA in Sri Lanka in June 2012. The MGU MBA received an overwhelming response and the Sunday batch was full within weeks of registration commencement. This 12 month MBA is targeted at working executives to enhance their business management knowledge and improve career prospects. Mahatma Gandhi University is approved and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and plans to offer the MBA at an introductory price of Rs 275,000 during the 1st intake. MGU 12 month MBA is offered in partnership with Next Institute of Management, one of the premier professional education institutes in Colombo.

Some of the MGU Batch 1 participants

For the benefit of potential MBA applicants, Education Times(ET) spoke to Ms Kumudu Abeyawardane, Course Director of Next Institute of Management (NIM) to get her views on MGU executive MBA, and how it could benefit busy executives.

Q:Tell us about the much talked about Sunday Batch?
Simply we are FULL!!! This was a very good response we got. I believe this is due to the quality of the programme and many candidates were looking for a real University rather than some institute trying to portray or pass off as a University. We have the right profile of students for an executive MBA. They are mostly middle and senior managers of reputed organization keen to improve their skills and career prospects. We had the inauguration of the Sunday batch on 10th June with the participation of the Sunday batch along with the faculty. We are commencing delivery on 24th Sunday’. With the requests we have received we have commenced a Saturday Batch which is now open for registrations. We plan to commence classes on July 14th’ for this batch. Classes will be in Saturday afternoon and candidates can have weekday evening and Sundays free’.

Q. What’s the secret behind MGU MBA?
Well, it has the best of both worlds! Today executives are so busy in building their careers. So time is of essence and at the same time economic situation is not so good, I mean there are so many commitments one has to meet. Yet, they need a good qualification from a recognized State University at an affordable price. So MGU has it all, it’s 12 months, from a UGC recognized State University, delivered by an unmatched faculty and costs only Rs 275,000!

Q. What is an Executive MBA?
Executive MBAs are more popular in the West as they shape working executives to improve their career prospects.An executive MBA is a postgraduate level business degree. It is a lot like a regular MBA programme. The main difference is that an executive MBA programme is primarily designed to educate working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders. An executive MBA degree reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management topics.

Q. What is the structure of an Executive MBA?
Modules offered in an executive MBA programme are normally the same as those taught in traditional MBA programs – accounting, finance, statistics, management, marketing and information systems. However, executive MBA courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and are uniquely structured to teach a maximum amount of course material in an accelerated timetable.

Q. Tell us about MGU?
Mahatma Gandhi University is state University in India. MGUis empowered to award degrees as specified by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under section 22 of the UGC Act 1956, India. MGU is also recognized by the UGC in Sri Lanka.

Q. How is the MGU MBA delivered?
TheMGUMBA consists of two semesters. In the 1st semester students will complete five modules relating to business administration. During the second semester students will complete 3 modules along with a practical module and a work related project to complete a total of 50 credits. MGU MBA students are required to complete their degrees in one year. During that period, they gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities by combining coursework with day-to-day professional experience.

Q. Tell us about the faculty of MGU MBA?
As you know, the value of learning comes through coaching and interaction with industry professionals who have proven the MBA in practice. MGU – MBA in Sri Lanka is taught by an unmatched faculty of Academics and top industry practitioners. They combine their practical knowledge and bring the industry relevant curriculum to life in classroom sessions. What is needed today is the ability to combine knowledge with lessons from the world, so that they can be practiced at everyday workplace to improve personal and business performance.

Q. Finally, what is the investment?
Keeping with the motto of Mahatma Gandhi University ‘education for all’, this Executive MBA is offered at an affordable amount for private and public sector employees in Sri Lanka. Wewere successful in formulating an attractive investment proposal to offer this MBA at a subsidized rate. The MBA is offered at Rs 275,000, payable in three installments.

MGU 12 month MBA is offered with the collaboration of NEXT, the premier education institute in Sri Lanka. NEXT built its reputation as the leading Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM-UK) study center in Sri Lanka and later expanded to other professional studies, postgraduate degrees and consulting services. NEXT is committed to bring quality education to Sri Lanka at an affordable price to improve capability and competitiveness of emerging Sri Lanka.

For more information Contact; Kumudu Abeyawardane | Course Director
NEXT Institute of Management
327 Havelock Road
Colombo 06
Tel 0777 786855, 4656600

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Sharmila Ameer Hamza – Climbing the corporate ladder in finance Sat, 23 Jun 2012 11:43:45 +0000 ramesh If you are one of those looking at accountancy for your future, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification will be the best option in the long run. A highly recognised qualification both here and abroad, past students now find themselves pursuing their dreams and reaching towards their goals.

Sharmila Ameer Hamza

Sharmila Ameer Hamza is one such student. A Diagnostic Accountant at the reputed AMBA Research, Sharmila is today thankful for her decision of choosing ACCA. Keen to enter the profession of accountancy due to her long held interest in maths, accounts and inspired by people who have made great strides in the profession; she said . “I consider accountancy to be a good career as it is undoubtedly a growing field, providing a plethora of opportunities to individuals.

In addition, it also offers great stability if you work efficiently. I believe if you are looking for a challenge where there is always room for change and something new –� accountancy is the best choice.”Having commenced the�CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) course after her GCE O/L in June 2004 she qualified a year later with flying colours. “I chose to start with CAT because it offered me a dynamic and flexible qualification, enabling me to get my first accounting qualification relatively quickly after completing my O-levels.� I wanted to fast track to obtain a well recognized professional qualification that would equip me to enter the working world as soon as possible.”

Joining ACCA, her life has definitely got better. In June 2006 she was the prize winner for ACCA part 2 for F8 (Audit and Assurance) and in January 2007 she received her 1st Class Hons BSc Degree from Oxford Brooks University UK, completing all the ACCA qualifications� prior to sitting for her A/L.

“I was aware that the ACCA Qualification has international recognition and great job prospects for ACCA professionals, both locally and internationally. When I did some research on my own on the type of qualifications that were currently available in the market, I recognised the quality of this qualifications and the standard of its services to students and members.” What she also found was that ACCA has a strong focus on professional values, ethics, and governance; skills essential for a professional today.

“These are examined at the highest level in the ACCA Qualification and are a core element of the practical experience requirements. In fact it is currently the only qualification that gives such an emphasis to this aspect. Such ingredients made me confident that ACCA was the kind of qualification that I wanted to have on my CV�and�I relished the challenge of learning finance to such a high standard,”stated Sharmila.

With the wide range of qualifications by her side, she started her career at Ernst and Young, chosen to join a team that looked into the aspects of the revision of the accounting standards that were happening at that time. Moving into AMBA, an organization that offers a wide range of research and analytics support services to global financial institutions, Sharmila currently� works as a Diagnostic Accountant exploring the areas of forensic accounting, one of the fastest growing areas of accounting jobs in the present market.

“I am involved in investigating the financial operations of enterprises to see if their accounting practices are in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) ,” Sharmila said adding; “Forensic accounting requires a good knowledge of accounting and auditing principles and also ethics. I have obtained knowledge in all of these areas thanks to the ACCA qualifications that gives prominence to all. I give credit to them in training me to have the ability to be able to be chosen for a job of this nature.”

“ACCA provides an in depth insight and understanding� to all the main topics of Finance and extends on that knowledge for application within your chosen field. I would highly recommend it as the ideal foundation for any person who wants to aspire in making their mark in a career in finance “ concluded Sharmila.

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Synthesis; an education centre with a distinction Sat, 23 Jun 2012 11:41:22 +0000 ramesh Synthesis Institute has been specifically designed to cater the educational needs of A/S, A/2, O/L and A/L Students Island wide. Located in the education hub of Colombo, Nugegoda, it provides a comfortable learning environment for students in order to pursue their studies.

Despite its city centred location, Synthesis successfully creates a calm, quiet and soothing environment, which is ideal for studying.� The state of the art classrooms distinguish it from other private education institutes. Parents can relax in their spacious yet cosy waiting area while their children finish classes. The striking facilities of Synthesis include: Air-Conditioned a spacious lecture hall, a mini laboratory, multi media facilities, white boards and a comfortable seating plan. A mini library is to be opened soon as well.
‘Our priority is to provide an excellent education to the children’ said Mr. Suriarachchi, director & the Biology lecturer. ‘We take only a limited number of students so that the teachers can focus their attention to the children on an individual basis’ he explained. According to Mr. Suriarachchi, the number of students per class will not exceed more than twenty.

The class programme of study includes Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting and English with Cambridge /Edexcel syllabus. The innovative study methods include multimedia, power point presentations, lab based practical experiments and comprehensive study materials are provided for each lesson. This will reduce the amount of time a student has to spend on writing and can focus more on the lecture and answering/solving questions. The feature that has attracted a large number of students towards Synthesis is the lab based practical lessons which provide students a hands-on experience while thoroughly preparing them for the practical papers.

Synthesis boasts of a highly qualified and extremely motivated lecture panel in their respective subjects. Mr. Amila Suriarachchi BSc in Biology has over 10 years of teaching experience in prestigious schools. Mr. Dulan Amarasinghe BSc (Col), M.Phil (Col) is taking up Physics and is teaching in Royal Institute. Ms. Charika Abeywardhana BSc (Rajarata) MSc (Col) teaches Chemistry at American International School. Ms Jani Muhandiram� BA Hons (Brighton),� MA (Reading, UK) is an English Lecturer at University of Sri Jayawardenapura.

The target students for the first batch are directed at 2012 O/L & A/S and 2013 O/L & A/L batches.The prospective students can enjoy a 10% discount if they get registered for three subjects or more and as the tutorials and past papers are provided free of charge, choosing Synthesis has become a cost effective option. Not only the school children but, the private candidates also have the facility to get registered through Synthesis. Mr. Suriarachchi emphasized that due to the limited amount of intake, the registration is done on a first come, first served basis.

To get more information or to register, please contact:
075 7266809/ 077 3206783

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