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Business houses have gone global, business schools need to go global too

Welcome to S P Jain, one of Asia’s finest business schools!

S P Jain School of Global Management is a young and innovative business school that has an established presence in Asia;sister campuses in Mumbai (1981), Dubai (2004), Singapore (2006) and Sydney (soon in September 2012). It is the youngest school to have its Global MBA ranked among the top 100 programmes in the world, by the prestigious Financial Times, U.K. in 2011 and 2012.
What’s unique about its Programmes?

S P Jain offers various management programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate level. S P Jain believes that business houses have gone global, and so business schools need to go global too, to match their modern talent requirements. Based on a survey conducted with today’s corporations, their curriculum is catered to three key attributes required of a business leader today:
S P Jain’s programmes have the following unique features:

1] Decision-making:Leaders today are rewarded for the quality of decisions they make. In fact business revolves around decision-making. S P Jain believes that usually decision-making goes beyond intuition. A combination of unique courses that impart decision-making tools and techniques, and applying these to solving live corporate issues, gets the participants to master it. The pedagogy emphasizes an engaged-learning approach in which the classroom is treated like a business laboratory.

2] Personal Effectiveness: Companies today look for people of high character, with impressive personalities, positive attitudes, and effective leadership skills. The Passport to Excellence initiative focuses on enhancing the Personal Effectiveness of its participants. Business is all about impact and influence, though academic institutions rarely cover this in a meaningful way.

The P2E at S P Jain enhances: Written and Oral Communication skills, Leadership, Creativity, Cross-cultural appreciation and Negotiation skills

3] Multi-city exposure: Business is learnt largely through observation and exposure. S P Jain offers this unique tri-city model to give its participants the opportunity to spend four months each at S P Jain’s campuses in Sydney, Singapore and Dubai. Each of these cities is a regional commercial capital and thus a great backdrop for business education. Participants learn to appreciate, accept, and adapt to a multinational state of mind and make decisions that take advantage of global choices. The tri-city model is life-changing, and exclusive to S P Jain.

In addition to the above, S P Jain’s Career Services offices in Dubai, India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore), Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney, have a track record of 100% placements. These assist participating in securing dream careers in top multinational companies worldwide.

S P Jain’s Programmes:
Bachelor of Business Administration: for participants who have completed Grade XII
Post Graduate
Master of Global Business – for participants with a bachelor’s degree, and with 0-3 years of full-time work-experience
Global Master of Business Administration – for participants with a bachelor’s degree, and with 3+ years of full-time work-experience

For more information on any of our programs, please log on to www.spjain.org or email us at admissionsindia@spjain.org or contact us on 91 22 32906596/ 32906597 or 91 22 22018848 / 22018433.

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