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ACHE commences its Diploma Course in Human Resources Management


The American College for Higher Education with its track record for excellence in education offers the ideal opportunity for candidates to enter the HR industry with its Diploma course in HRM.The importance of Human Resources Management in the Sri Lankan business place is ever increasing as strategic business practices more and more rely on a company’s good management of its human resources. As in any business or business plan, you would find experts to oversee various areas and departments, so does HRM, by focusing on a company’s greatest resource – its workforce.

Human Resources Management is becoming increasingly significant in the corporate world owing to the numerous complexities involved with the present business ambience today; organizations are placing greater importance in the fact that their employees are its biggest asset.

American College commences its course in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management this June for Human Resource Managers, Supervisors, Counselors and Personnel Managers – a diploma course which portrays a realistic, applicable and total view of a workforce across organizations around the world.

This course takes the student through worldwide HRM issues, problems and solutions. It also provides theories, research, results and applications that apply to people in worldwide organizations. The course will give students a thorough understanding of the three characteristics common to all organizations – behavior, structure and processes – and how they are affected by the action of managers.
Under the Organizational Behaviour segment of the course, American College takes you through such significant topics as the study of organizations, managing individuals, groups and organizational effectiveness motivation, evaluation, group behavior, power & politics, leadership, job design, communication, decision making, socialization & career processes and organizational development.

The Human Resource Management component of the course gives the student a thorough understanding of HRM activities such as staffing, development & compensation and also covers topics like managing diversity, planning, objectives & evaluations, HR information systems, external recruiting, employee development, training, the pay system, labor relations, unions and employee relations.

This course enables students to become more involved in the weighing and evaluating of decisions that a manager must make and guides them towards the more real, relevant and complete dynamics of managing people.HRM has proven its value to businesses in its management development and training, enabling managers to be better managers.� American College also conducts HRM degrees at Associate (a 2 year course) and Bachelors levels (4 years).

As we can see, the role that HRM plays is key to any organization. Career opportunities for HR qualified individuals are ever-increasing. The American College for Higher Education offers its Diploma Courses in Human Resources Management which commence in June gearing applicants for the next generation in Business Education.� Visit www.americancollege.lk for more information.

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