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UPFA won’t talk on CoL

When the meeting of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) was held this week, UNP members raised the issue of the high cost of living. However of the 20 UPFA members, only eleven were present and they also chose to keep mum. Finance Ministry goes nuts over paddy There were some blunders in the Sinhala version [...]

Breaking the limp arm of the law

My Dear IGP, I thought I must write to you because you and your department seem to be in the news these days, what with innocent people being killed for the crime of attending political meetings and wanted criminals surrendering quite voluntarily! IGP, I know you are only doing your job-and it is a difficult [...]

Familiar war of words as Katuwana takes centrestage

Last week, when Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe charged in Parliament that lawlessness reigns in the country, with all rules and regulations ignored by political authority, he was not stating anything new. Killings, threats and abductions of political opponents of the Government and others who oppose it, have been on the rise, despite the end of [...]

What constrains foreign direct investment?

The low level of foreign direct investment is a serious constraint to sustained rapid economic development. Despite an increase in foreign investment last year to a little above US$ 1 billion, this is inadequate to move the economy to higher levels of economic growth. Moreover it is not only the amount of foreign direct investment [...]

A veritable epidemic of government goons

Is this Government comprised solely of underworld characters and law breaking Ministers? We may be forgiven for answering this far from rhetorical question in the positive for a multitude of persuasive reasons. Witnessing law breakers galore Week after week, we hear of underworld thugs who violate the law and escape with impunity. The latest is [...]

Post-conflict Sri Lanka: External factors, perceptions and misperceptions

Ambassador Nihal Rodrigo, one time Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs and former Secretary General of SAARC, delivering a memorial lecture at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies on Friday touched on a range of issues lying at the heart of foreign policy challenges faced by Sri Lanka today. The [...]

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